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Let the creativity of our remarkably designed modern resort inspire you to indulge in our unique art activities. Whether itโ€™s been a lifelong dream to learn how to paint or you would like to know more about the local art scene, we have the perfect activity for you. Let our artist-in-residence programme guide you on an adventure in the exciting world of art. 

Express your creativity

At our hotel, we endeavour to provide activities that allow our guests to indulge in their favourite passions and explore new pastimes in outstanding settings. Our painting classes and art workshops for children and adults are offered in the most glorious locations of our resort. Take inspiration from the profound beauty of nature around you as you learn a new skill, perhaps uncovering a wonderful talent you werenโ€™t aware you possessed. Rub shoulders with local up-and-coming artists in our contemporary art boutique and witness the wonders of contemporary Mauritian art.