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Jason Lily - People of the Sun

Saturday 16th June - JASON LILY - People of the Sun

Join us at Shores bar Long Beach Mauritius as from 17:00 to 18h30 

FREE Entrance (please do make your reservation to guarantee access) 

Reservations: Between 9h-12h & 14h-23h by dialling +23052507256 or Email: [email protected]


Jason Lily had the calling to practice music during his childhood. After four years in a choir, in 2011, he participated in his first Jazz Contest in the ‘Singer’ category. Only one year later, he was in Nottingham for the World Event Young Artist (WEYA) festival, along with his former band, Patyatann. In 2012, his new band ‘Maron’er' was awarded with the “Prix Découverte” at the “Enn” Festival and more recently in April 2015, Jason Lily was the 3rd prize winner of the ‘Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria’ as part of the Mauritian fleet.