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Jimmy Cadet - Long Beach Mauritius

10 - 25 May 2018 - JIMMY CADET @Β Long Beach Mauritius

Born in Saint-Pierre, Reunion Island, Jimmy Cadet has an atypical background. Self-taught, he discovered acrylic by chance. He first starts painting as a hobby; but finally, he realizes with some amazement that painting is in fact the medium that suits him the most.

After creating the Atelier 84 with his talented friend Eric Raban, he is now part of the WD41 collective, used after the famous detergent, with multiple usages. With Rio Palme, Cristof Denmont, Jace or Kid Kreol & Boogie, he tried to create a centrifugal force to raise awareness of the contemporary art. Therefore, the works of this collective can be seen in various places throughout the island.

His last paintings have attained some kind of maturity. Turning passionately towards free figuration, he interrogates the world through mechanical vanities. With a sense of irony similar to the one of Damien Hirst, he questions humanity and its wilderness. But ultimately, Jimmy Cadet is building his masterwork and he is today one of the most important Reunion talents.