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Philippe Thomas Syndicate - People of the Sun

24th June 2018 - Philippe Thomas Syndicate - People of the Sun

Join us at Shores bar Long Beach Mauritius as from 17:00 to 18:30 

FREE Entrance (please do make your reservation to guarantee access)

Reservations: Between 9h-12h & 14h-23h by dialling +23052507256 or Email: [email protected]

Philippe Thomas is the local favourite and finest jazzman, renowned to all Mauritians. He mixes Jazz, Sega, Blues melancholy and the energy from Reggae music, along with his personal creativity to make a perfect symphony. Alongside the likes of jazz masters such as Ernest Wiehe and Linley Marthe, who all have partly contributed to his experience and success, Philippe now lights up any Mauritian stage with his trumpet. Jazz remains an open and liberal music to him, harmoniously fitting with the Sega music to give the unique sounds of Sega-Jazz.