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Find your personal path to wellness

Long Beach Mauritius in collaboration with Cinq Mondes Spa Paris has created an immersive and customised wellness concept helping you ‘Find your personal path to wellness’. In order to live a higher quality of life, maintaining optimal wellness is key.

Is your busy schedule keeping you from your fitness routine?  Book your stay at Long Beach Mauritius as we have made it much easier to stay on the healthy road.  From the moment you book your stay, we will set out the simple yet effective steps for you to follow. With a selection of daily on-demand classes to fitness loaded facilities we've got your fitness preferences covered. Physical activities, self-care, healthy eating, self-esteem, and creative activations will be available to you on a daily basis.

Make use of our meal plans consultancy before you arrive, request a digital detox boxe upon arrival and enjoy our complimentary in-room yoga mats and training programmes. We work together with you to create a series of positive choices to make sure you live life to the fullest, enhance your wellness and achieve your full potential.

Live with your passion and purpose not just during your stay but day to day.


Wellbeing studio

Long Beach Mauritius are hosting and working with a series of well-being specialist with an aim to learn, grow and develop. Adding calm into your daily routine with meditation, breathwork & healing studio. Follow key wellness trends by doing our specialised wellness workshops by those in the know.


Stretch it out

Yoga, pilates, and stretch are a key focus to align the body and mind. Daily classes will be on offer to develop your strength, reduce stress and be present. We encourage you to introduce Yoga into your daily life as a way of living to create a healthy mind in a healthy body.


Beyond music

Using sound to promote healing on all levels, deep relaxation, expansion of consciousness and opening the body’s energetic system. We've created a series of sound bath meditation workshops embracing silence and meditation we offer guests to join us on a digital detox by placing all digital items in our newly designed detox boxes so you can ‘switch off’.



Explore our plant-based organic Garden and Green House at Long Beach Mauritius. Straight from the backyard to the kitchen table. It sounds like a small movement but the overall concept and ethos is much more than that. Showcasing a seasonal “Garden to kitchen table” concept; we have created not only an experience but a way of living. Our Chefs are often found in the nurseries or gardens themselves growing exotic and local herbs to marry homegrown culinary delights with locally sourced organic produce.  All produce can be sampled during our unique plant-based dining experiences and enjoyed throughout our menus on offer throughout the retreat. Join the Long Beach way of life!

Sun Kids

Mini Fitness

Join our daily programming of energetic and fun activities to encourage your little ones to feel the energy.
From nutritional meal plans to encourages a healthy way of living to well- being workshops; Little chef, customize your own tennis racket, mini massage, trampolining, tennis, swimming, wall climbing, boxerise, paddling boarding.

Lux Tennis

Lux Tennis

Long Beach Mauritius Resort has partnered with LUX Tennis, a specialist tennis management company providing professional tennis services to luxury resorts and private clients worldwide. Offering a tailored solution that manages all tennis activities, carefully selecting and training ATP and WTA level players that will help bring each client's tennis game to the next level while enjoying the most beautiful destinations of the world. Long Beach offers a personalised tennis programme with a resident LUX Tennis professional.

guru raj yoga long beach

Yoga by Guru Raj

Haha Yoga
Breathing techniques
Positive Thinking
anastasia kapustnik dance stretching long beacgh

Dancing & Stretching by Anastasia Kapustnik

N1 dance & yoga studio

Brazilian samba / Brazilian Zouk / Brazilian Funk / Stretching

maria balak dance yoga

Dance & Yoga by Maria Balak Nagusser

N1 dance & yoga studio

Belly Dance / Reggaeton / Salsa / Bachata / Yoga