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Find your “Qi”: Indulge in an Unparalleled Wellness Retreat at Long Beach

March 02 2020

Life can be stressful—from running a household, paying bills, looking after the family, working a full day and still trying to make time for things like gym and friends, there seems to be an endless list of things to do in a day. Most of us live in constant ‘fight or flight’ mode, with soaring levels of cortisol and stress impacting our lives and our health. 

That’s why it’s so important to take the time to have a proper break—and nothing could be better than a holiday spent at the ultimate (and beautifully contemporary) five-star hotel in Mauritius; Long Beach. 

The ideal place for active relaxation, at Long Beach, you will find ample opportunity for fun-filled activities as well as a plethora of ways to indulge in some much-needed rest. From VIP beach experiences (where your private beach butler will ensure your day on the beach is extraordinary) to serene guided walks along the resort’s endemic trail and signature experiences and value adds—like the resort’s fabulous Sleep Therapy Programme and Digital Detox Box—you’re sure to get to a place of calm in no time.

Having said that, however, there is a special haven at Long Beach that will help you relax even quicker so you can truly embrace your holiday in paradise, and allow yourself to let go of the day-to-day stress. That place is Long Beach’s Cinq Mondes Spa and Wellness Retreat.

Long Beach Cinq Mondes Spa


Enter a world of unbridled tranquillity at this breathtaking spa, located in a secluded area of Long Beach, nestled amongst lush gardens and bordered by its very own pond. This is the perfect sanctuary for those looking for some pampering. And more than exceptional body treatments and beauty rituals, the Long Beach Cinq Mondes Spa offers retreats and special packages any of which are sure to help you to allow your body, mind and soul to be rejuvenated and all levels of fatigue—mental, emotional and physical—to dissipate.

The “Spa and Wellness Retreat” concept is at the heart of Long Beach’s spa, where, with the Cinq Mondes brand, it introduces a new type of “art of living”—a holistic approach is taken to ensure beauty, health and overall well-being is made a priority. Cinq Mondes offers special experiences and treatments that allow for unprecedented spa retreats which revolve around Ayurveda, Taoist principles and Detoxing—a spa retreat here transcends a normal pamper experience. It provides the chance to carve out some special time for yourself and indulge in self-care that centres on excellent therapies, treatments, good nutrition and sleep, and even yoga and Qi Gong.

Are you in need of some serious rejuvenation? Then this is what you need to know about what a memorable spa retreat in Mauritius could look like for you at the Long Beach Cinq Mondes Spa:

Learn the art of slow eating

Enjoying excellent food at Long Beach is an integral part of the experience at this five-star hotel. And while we hope our guests embrace the opportunity to enjoy the multitude of offerings, during a spa retreat at Long Beach, guests will also learn the art of slow eating and the value of detoxing. 

Now, this by no means is about dieting or limiting yourself—in fact, enjoying your food is certainly not a sin. The act of eating is hugely important. 

Healthy food


It gives our bodies and minds energy and nourishes our body. But in the fast-paced world we live in, we have forgotten how to eat mindfully. Doing so, chewing properly and eating slowly actually has incredible benefits, such as the elimination of digestive issues (as the stomach has the proper time needed to digest), allows better hydration and encourages us to eat less (as we allow ourselves the time to feel full). By focusing on your food and every bite you eat, you savour the experience and practise mindfulness in the process—it’s better for your mind, body and overall well-being! 

Enjoy some yoga or Qi Gong

The Cinq Mondes Spa doesn’t simply exist to pamper and prettify, it’s meant to help you relax and restore yourself as well as align mind, body and soul. In order to help the process, there are a number of yoga and Qi Gong classes on offer at Long Beach, to enhance your spa retreat.

Yoga at Long Beach


In these two practices, you use your body to soothe and rejuvenate the mind while strengthening the body and encouraging healing. The East has imparted incredible wisdom upon us, and along with it, the importance of balance in the body. Enjoy a yoga class, use your breath and body to move and embrace the ‘Prana’ or life force. Use your body to heal your mind and vice versa, as yoga is an incredible tool, one which is integrated into Ayurvedic medicine.

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese form of exercise that doubles up as a healing technique. It involves meditation, breathing techniques as well as specific movements. The ‘Qi’ is said to refer to life force, breath or spirit. Gong is ‘mastery’. The entire practice, therefore, centres on “mastering one’s energy’. Qi Gong can take on different forms for different reasons, but the type explored at Long Beach has the intention of helping guests to heal, let go, to tap into creativity and to relax.

Yoga and Qi Gong classes are offered at the spa as part of the three- or five-day spa retreat packages. 

Indulge in AquaSensorial Cares

During a spa retreat at Long Beach, indulge in a water purification treatment with the OFuro, or the Japanese bath, in our Bains D'Armes et de Fleurs—a ritual that helps to clear the heart and to restore your body as it is immersed in warm, perfumed water. The temperate, sweet-smelling water allows for a sensorial experience that relaxes the mind and body and cleanses the skin while detoxing on a deeper level.

Heal your mind through your body

A huge part of a wellness retreat will of course centre on the fabled body treatments at Cinq Mondes. The mind and body are closely linked and one can hugely impact the health of the other. That’s why taking care of yourself and your body is so important. The body treatments at Cinq Mondes are inspired by the healing rituals from around the world and embrace amazing healing that can come from massage and touch. It helps to physically heal the body, but also eases the mind and allows for relaxation for the ultimate holistic experience.

Cinq Mondes spa massage


All of these special spa treatments, classes and experiences aid in your health, well-being and healing on every level and will also encourage good sleep. What you learn here you can take into your daily life and you can take the lessons and techniques to practise at home and continue the journey onwards. 

Pre- or post- spa retreat, enjoy a walk through the endemic gardens, take refuge in your gorgeous, modern room or simply enjoy a moment on the beach, practising gratitude for the day and the destination, and top your day off with a healthy meal at one of the stellar restaurants.

Are you in need of some pampering and healing? Then book your spa and wellness retreat at the glorious Cinq Mondes Spa at Long Beach—this is a journey you aren’t likely to forget any time soon.