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A Fab Fitness Retreat with Olivia Cooney at Long Beach

May 22 2018

Olivia Cooney at Long Beach

The gorgeously designed and utterly modern Long Beach, located along the picture-perfect Belle Mare beach, is renowned for many things; unrivalled views of the sublime Mauritian sunrises, its unique design, sensational cuisine and its magnificent beach with an outstanding lagoon, perfect for watersports and snorkelling. But one of the most wonderful and distinctive qualities about this five-star hotel is its unique approach to what an island holiday should involve, with the concept of “active relaxation” being at its core, appealing to guests that would like equal measures of exciting experiences and calming activities. 

Another distinguishing feature at this gorgeous resort is its series of novel pop-ups that occur throughout the year. These pop-ups include anything from exceptional fine-dining dinners created by world-renowned chefs to spa treatments with celebrity facialists; Long Beach offers something truly memorable for everyone.

This September Long Beach is going to offer something extremely exciting for fitness aficionados or those looking to up their fitness game; an exceptional all-inclusive fitness retreat with legendary fitness instructor Olivia Cooney and Pop-Up Fitness.


Long Beach

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pop-Up Fitness X Long Beach Resort retreat:

It’ll take place from the 8th to the 14th of September 2018

This unbelievable fitness retreat will be taking place in Long Beach’s idyllic settings for an intensive but rewarding seven days and will run from the 8th to the 14th of September 2018. One of the best months to travel to Mauritius, September marks Mauritius’ springtime and boasts gorgeously warm days and pleasant evenings—perfect for a fitness programme in paradise.  

You’ll be trained by Pop-Up founder Olivia Cooney herself 


Olivia Cooney

Having had an interesting journey from PR to fitness, Olivia Cooney has learned the importance of a healthy lifestyle and thrives on teaching others to achieve it for themselves. Having trained an elite group of people in London through her bespoke Bootcamp packages—from top socialites and superstars—she has now extended her reach to help change the lives of those all around the world, with unbelievable programmes in remarkable settings. Having always enjoyed the fitness world, Olivia has worked hard to create fitness programmes that achieve double the benefits in half the time and that create wellness on all levels (mental, physical and emotional) in order for her clients to enjoy happy, healthy lifestyles. 

The incredible idea behind her fitness offerings is to use nature as a gym, where bootcamps, hikes, runs and sensational exercise classes can be enjoyed in the very best surrounds. Her programmes are designed to alternate between cardio, body weight and toning exercises, with some of her favourite exercises being boxing fusion classes (or boxercise!).

With a deep passion to help and motivate people to achieve their goals and kickstart a new, fitter and more balanced lifestyle, Olivia is the ultimate fitness coach for your new chapter towards a healthier, happier lifestyle that will ultimately produce the results you long for. 

The all-inclusive fitness retreat really brings meaning to the idea of “active relaxation”


Olivia Cooney

Through the programme, guests are able to fully embrace the meaning of active relaxation, with workouts to music from the resident DJs, sublime, world-class culinary options and relaxation periods in exotic surrounds—it pays off to get fit in paradise. This luxury fitness retreat allows you to let your worries slip away with an all-inclusive package that includes all food and drinks at Long Beach, unlimited, non-motorised water sports and a training plan with Pop-Up Fitness which takes place in some of the most extraordinary settings in some of the best areas of the hotel. 

On arrival, participants will enjoy a glass of champagne and all breakfasts, lunches, snacks, smoothies, juices and dinners have been tailored to be balanced, healthy and detoxifying, assisting participants to achieve the ultimate results on the programme. There will also be an exclusive healthy cooking class with one of Long Beach’s esteemed chefs, an open-air cinema experience, evenings with tailor-made set menus and special gastronomic offerings among many other exciting treats and surprises. Perfectly suited to active families and energetic couples, this is sure to be an experience of a lifetime. 

The fitness programme centres on balance

The idea of the entire fitness retreat programme is not so much to lose weight and strive for unrealistic results as it is to learn the art of balance. It’s about kickstarting a healthy lifestyle that is easy to maintain—a huge contrast to intense fad diets and exercise regimes. The aim of the programme is to feel fitter, stronger and more confident through a series of balanced exercises, special, healthy menus and periods of downtime and relaxation. 

The types of exercises you can expect during this retreat range from bootcamp sessions, HIT Box classes, body sculpt programmes and yoga to core conditioning classes and kettlebell and weight sessions balanced by planned sessions of pool relaxation and free time. The evenings provide excellent periods of downtime, where practically every evening involves a special event for the participants of the Pop-Up Fitness programme. Another phenomenal thing about this programme is that it definitely doesn’t centre on strict diets or regimes—Olivia believes that the feeling of being deprived only leads to resentment, so the focus, as already mentioned, is finding balance, a habit which will encourage a healthy, sustainable way of life. 

Pop-Up Fitness has been changing people's lives for four years (and counting!)


Olivia Cooney Fitness

Established by Olivia Cooney and Bart van Maanen in 2014, Pop-Up Fitness has been positively impacting people’s lives ever since. Having been featured in major British publications (such as Conde Nast, The Independent, Vogue and Women’s Health, to name but a few) they have garnered considerable attention and are a sought-after programme for top modelling agencies in London and Holland and the resident trainers for Vogue. 

The incredible idea to combine results-driven fitness classes with relaxation in outstanding venues around the globe has started a revolution within the fitness world, where more and more people are craving immersive fitness experiences where the gym is swapped out for nature. On top of retreats, Pop-Up Fitness also offers personal training, fitness event coordination and more. Ultimately, over and above helping people to improve their overall fitness levels (while enjoying themselves), Pop-Up Fitness aims to help people to learn to achieve a healthy balance in their lives, by looking after their bodies and staying fit in healthy ways that don’t involve depriving yourself!

Spaces are limited so it’s advisable to book as soon as possible 

Do you want to take your fitness to the next level or learn how to achieve balance in your life? Then take a look at the Pop-Up Fitness brochure to find out more about this once-in-a-lifetime retreat. If you are interested, it would be a good idea to book as soon as possible as there are only a few spots left and bookings close on the 30th of May 2018! Please note that a non-refundable 30% of the fee is required to secure your spot for this magnificent fitness adventure of a lifetime.

If you would like to kick-start your new fitness journey with this magical fitness experience, then contact us to find out more information or to ensure that you snag one of the last spots. This is a fitness experience you won’t want to miss!

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