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Idyllic Beach Destinations for Culture Lovers

February 07 2018

Travellers love beach destinations for many reasons. Some enjoy the glorious weather and fresh, uplifting scent of the ocean. There are those that enjoy the feeling of the sand between their toes and the idea of leisurely walks along the beach with a loved one. Others love the feeling of a dip in the ocean which allows them to feel more connected to mother nature while some purely enjoy the laid-back beachside lifestyle. No matter what draws you to the shore, beach destinations are always wonderful. But if you crave interesting cultures and histories than you may feel that many of the beach destinations you have been to just a lack a certain something (perhaps even a certain depth) for you. Get the best of both worlds with these sublime beach destinations immersed in unique and totally wonderful cultures:

Goa, India

A popular go-to beach destination in western Indian, Goa still offers discerning travellers unbelievable experiences surrounded by the untamed natural wonders of the country in amazing stretches of beach, many of which are not crawling with tourists (but you may encounter one of the local cows enjoying the beach lifestyle alongside you). Gorgeous, wild beaches are lapped by the phenomenally blue waters of the Arabian Sea and are the perfect place for sun worshippers looking to get a solid dose of vitamin D. 


colva beach view in south goa india


A colourful destination with an unbelievable charm, Goa is steeped in an amazing culture and history. Formerly a Portuguese colony, a walk around this magical place—deemed by some to be the “Rome of the East”—will reveal its unusual mix of cultural influences with churches, temples and mosques surrounded by gorgeous tropical forests that surprise and delight all that see them. If you take a trip to Goa, be sure to watch one of the traditional Goan dances, which so perfectly depicts the mixed heritage of the destination. 


If you are in search of a truly remarkable destination that has an unbelievable history and culture, while boasting some outstanding beaches, then you should definitely consider Israel. Because of its unusual positioning, Israel has easy access to three wonderful oceans. Whether you would like to enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean or make the most of the unique beaches along the Red and Dead Seas, it’s an ideal destination to enjoy some wonderful time in the sun. If you have never been to Israel before, you’d do well to head to Tel-Aviv where you will be able to find stunning (albeit very popular) beaches and a wonderful nightlife. If you are a diver or looking to snorkel, then the Red Sea is a good option and for those looking for some natural pampering then the Dead Sea is the best place to head (it’s a natural spa after all). 


dead sea aerial view and mountains in Israel


When it comes to culture and history, you would battle to find a destination more fascinating than Israel. Jerusalem is considered the heart of religion in Christianity, Judaism and Islam and is an absolute goldmine for those wanting to unearth different histories, cultures and religions. The city itself is filled with religious or historical sights at practically every turn and requires a decent number of days to explore and discover.


When many people think of a destination that is immersed in a phenomenal culture and history (one that is very mystical), they often think of Egypt. This sensational destination has everything you could want for a beach holiday with an amazing cultural and historical wonders. Again, here you have the opportunity to make the most of the beaches along the phenomenal Red Sea which lends itself to outstanding diving and snorkelling (specifically around Hurghada which is famous for its excellent diving and wonderful weather). 


hurghada beach view from the sea in egypt


As a culture/history enthusiast on a trip to Egypt, discovering its unusual sights is an absolute must. Visit the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings and Luxor to get a glimpse into a fascinating bygone era and some of the most incredible cultural gems you may ever see. Some of the only remnants of one of the most astounding cultures on earth, these are absolutely unmissable. A trip to Cairo to explore its museums will also be an experience you are sure to never forget. 


The gorgeous city of Barcelona is one of the best places on earth to get a dose of beachside sunshine mixed with a phenomenal mix of art, culture and history. While the beaches here are not necessarily considered the best in the world, they are still perfect to indulge in that laid-back vibe while being able to make the most of the Spanish culture, art, architecture and history of the energetic city—especially because they are so easily accessible. 


barceloneta beach at sunset in barcelona


When you are not at the beach, then definitely make the most of the architectural gems of the city with anything by Gaudi (especially the Sagrada Familia) and the Gothic Quarter being an absolute must. If you are interested in art, be sure to check out the Picasso Museum and any Dali exhibitions that might be on while you are there and in between the sightseeing make sure you make the most of mid-afternoon siestas and indulge in the extraordinary cuisine of this fantastic destination. 

Corfu, Greece


corfu beach and sea view in greece


There’s a good reason why the Greek islands have been popular destinations for intrepid travellers for years: cobalt blue waters lap pristine sandy beaches that are largely decked for guests’ absolute comfort and enjoyment with sun loungers and umbrellas available for rent. You can also often find water sports equipment for rent nearby allowing you to fully embrace the gorgeous crystalline waters of the island. Pick an island such as Corfu, and you can’t go wrong. Apart from exceptional beaches, you will find lots of wonderful ancient sights and attractions. Two of the most popular include the Asian Art Museum which boasts collections from China, Japan as well as Southeast Asia and the Achilleion (the palace of Sisi). 


An outstanding volcanic gem set in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Africa, Mauritius is one of the top beach destinations in the world. Flawless, lengthy stretches of sugar-fine beaches are lined by cerulean tropical waters, phenomenal luxury resorts and quaint fishing towns—this is undoubtedly a fabulous beach destination. Apart from magnificent beaches almost everywhere you turn, this wondrous destination has an interesting history and eclectic culture that can be seen in the unbelievable bustling markets, in the traditional Sega performances and in the many museums dotted around the island. African, Indian, Chinese and European influences are obvious throughout the island and perfectly captured by the local food (which is absolutely sensational).

Beaches in Mauritius Long Beach

Head to Port Louis to uncover the interesting history and culture of the island and head to some of the best beaches in Mauritius for the quintessential island experience. We highly recommend either staying on the east or the west of the island to make the most of two of nature's finest spectacles; sunrise and sunset. One thing is for sure, Mauritius is an exceptional destination for beach and culture lovers!

If you are looking for the perfect destination to indulge in your love for the beach and cultural discoveries, then Mauritius is definitely a superb destination and a stay at one of the gorgeous Sun Resorts will definitely make your holiday something to remember.

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