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The Best Sunrise Activities in Mauritius

October 25 2017

The Best Sunrise Activities in Mauritius

There’s one thing you have to experience at least once in your life; Mauritius at sunrise from an incredible beach along its untamed east coast. Mesmerising white sandy stretches of beach melt into tropical waters, ordinarily a palette of blues, but at dawn, they shimmer with exquisite reds, oranges and golds. The tranquillity, so profound, it’s almost tangible. While the idea of an early morning for some might not be tempting, it’s a spectacle too good to miss—even if you only experience it once on your trip to this paradisiacal island.


Active Lifestyle


Not only will you be able to relish a magical moment, you will also have the opportunity to fully embrace it by coupling the moment with a phenomenal activity to start your day superbly—sans the smartphone and coffee; just you, pure tranquillity and Mauritius’ incredible beauty. After all, the way you begin your morning has the power to set the tone for the rest of your day, so you might as well get (at least one of) your days off to a  great start. And by taking this time for yourself, no matter what you decide to do with it, you are gifting yourself with unrivalled ‘me time’, a chance to wake up properly, take in the new day, practice gratitude and reflect on you, instead of reaching for your smartphone.

Sunrise gives you the rare, uninterrupted opportunity to connect with and tune into yourself and to Mother Nature. And if nothing else, it comes with the added benefit of giving you a few extra hours to savour your time on the beautiful tropical gem of Mauritius. Beginning a new day with simple meditation or getting a solid energy boost through exercise also has ample benefits, for both mind and body.
While the very idea of exercise at the crack of dawn might make night owls want to sleep in extra long tomorrow morning, there are immense pros (and very few cons)—for your health as well as your day—that are pretty hard to argue, especially if your Mauritian sunrise adventure transforms into a habit you take back home with you. Here are the three main benefits of morning exercise:

1.You kick start your metabolism

By getting up and moving your body first thing in the morning and eating afterwards, you are giving your metabolism the phenomenal start it needs. And because your body burns more calories after a workout—yup, even when you are sitting—it sets your metabolism up in the best possible way. Because your body uses food for three things: nutrition, to replenish your body, provide energy and to store sources of energy (fat)—it is best you give it what it needs when it needs it. By exercising and then eating, you are replenishing your body, and continues to do so throughout the day and giving you the fuel you need instead of storing it. You don’t derive this benefit by working out later in the day.

2. You allow your body to wake up the right way

We all love a good cup of coffee, but it’s  actually not great for your health to wake up and rely on this for your early boost of energy. Wake your body and mind up in the best, and most natural, way possible—with a good dose of exercise. Morning exercise provides you with that much-needed energy kick, helps to improve cognitive functioning, and gets muscles that have been resting the whole night moving and stretching properly.

3. It can improve your sleep

If you have a solid workout in the morning, by the end of the day your body will be craving rest and restoration. A healthy sense of fatigue makes it that much easier to have a good night’s sleep, with improved quality and often the length of your sleep. The quality of our sleep adds value to the quality of our lives.
With that in mind, what are the best ways to start your day at sunrise while getting that energy boost? Here are our favourite sunrise activities in Mauritius:


While not the full-body workout you might have expected, this is certainly a remarkable way to make the most of the serenity at sunrise in Mauritius and can act as a prelude to any of the other activities on this list. It also helps mental functioning and has been said to improve memory retention, apt for a holiday bound to be filled with incredible moments and memories spent with loved ones. Take a minute to embrace the wondrous spectacle of sunrise and to practice gratitude for another exceptional day in paradise. Deeply breathe in the serenity and the beauty, and carry that sense of calm with you throughout the day. Close your eyes and visualise how the day will unfold perfectly, with you and your family having incredible experiences. Leave all your stress behind, focus on living in the present and take your time to fully appreciate the phenomenal island of Mauritius.



Get the day off to a great start by getting the heart pumping with a jog along the beach. The uninhibited east coast has glorious stretches of perfect beaches which make for an excellent cardio session to the sound of the water lapping the shore. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of early morning sunshine on your face and fresh air in your lungs as you wake your body up in one of the best ways possible.


Refresh mind, body and soul with an incredible sunrise swim. The cooler water temperature in the morning is bound to give you an  instant wake up—far more powerful than caffeine. Let any anxiety or lingering fatigue fade away as the water washes over you, and make the most of the peaceful lagoon and watch the sunrise paint the sky.
Stand up paddle boarding
Get a solid full body workout and watch the sunrise languidly out of the water, from the water itself with a stand up paddle boarding session. Soak in the light of new dawn and marvel at the glittering colours of the sunrise reflected on the water. As the light illuminates the lagoon, enjoy the opportunity to examine the corals from above, discovering which fascinating aquatic creatures have  joined you at this  special time


One of the ultimate ways to start your day is with a session of sunrise yoga on the beach. Not only is it an incredible way to stretch and warm up your body after hours of inactivity, it’s a phenomenal way to energize your body and calm the mind too. Practice your sun salutations as the sky illuminates with the pastel colours of dawn, and connect with your breathing as you take in the splendour of your surroundings.


Kayaking in Mauritius


For those who don’t quite have the balance required for stand up paddle boarding, there’s arguably no better way to kick-start your day than with an exhilarating session of sunrise kayaking. Not only are you able to get your body moving and your blood pumping, you are able to stop, witness the spectacle to the full, breathe in the beautiful fresh air and savour the moment. You can enjoy the views of the corals through the translucent water of the lagoon. It’s a remarkable and unusual way to enjoy one of nature’s finest occurrences and begin your day in the best possible way.

If you would like to make the most of the incredible Mauritian sunrise on the east coast while engaging in some of the best morning activities around, then look no further than Long Beach. Not only do we have uninterrupted views of this gorgeous phenomenon and offer wonderful ways to enhance it, we have one of the finest  stretches of beach in the whole of Mauritius, the perfect place to start your sunrise activities. Complete your morning ritual with a nutritious detox juice and a phenomenal buffet breakfast—at our stunning hotel, sunrises are celebrated in style.