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Bubble Lodge now on Ile aux Cerfs

February 09 2018

There’s something truly magical about the volcanic island of Mauritius. At first glance, this magic is created by the unbelievable surrounds; vivid green blankets of sugar cane and tropical forests, ancient undulating volcanic terrain, idyllic golden beaches lapped by pristine azure waters and a host of endemic bird and animal life—it’s the epitome of a tropical paradise. But it has so much more than its natural beauty; the vibrant and friendly local people, the eclectic culture, sensational food, exciting festivals and the island’s fascinating history all make Mauritius an unforgettable holiday destination for those looking for immersive and authentic experiences that create memories that will last a lifetime. 



Bubble Lodge Ile aux cerfs island


If novel experiences are important to you when you travel, then there is a truly remarkable offering on Ile aux Cerfs that may be right up your alley; a stay at their exclusive eco-friendly Bubble Lodge on the esteemed island itself. Is your interest piqued? Then this is what you need to know:


It’s the only accommodation on Ile aux Cerfs


Bubble Lodge Ile aux cerfs island


Ile aux Cerfs - which lies just off east of Mauritius - is a sensational haven for day trip revellers and golfing fans from around the globe. And one of the best things about this island is that it doesn’t have expansive areas covered in accommodation marring the islands natural beauty. In fact, the newly introduced Bubble Lodges are the first and only accommodation on the island itself which means that staying in one of them is a truly unique and exclusive experience. What’s more, there are only three Bubble Lodges in total, meaning that you will practically have the iconic island of Ile aux Cerfs to yourself in the evenings (apart from the other guests and Ile aux Cerfs’ security that is). If you are wondering if this would be a luxury castaway experience unlike any other, the answer is a definitive yes. 


It feels as if you are staying in a normal hotel room - but even better

If you are worried that staying in a Bubble Lodge will be like camping or even “glamping”, the good news is; it’s nothing of the sort. In fact, staying in a Bubble Lodge on Ile aux Cerfs has all the bells and whistles of a luxury hotel room but you get to enjoy an extra element of privacy and the rare opportunity to be in the heart of Ile aux Cerfs’ gorgeous natural surrounds. The elegant Bubble Lodges are extremely comfortable and surprisingly spacious, with a lounge area and a small bathroom (there’s an outdoor shower with warm water) and the main areas have air-conditioning. Each unit has been tastefully decorated to blend in with the unique surrounds. 


Bubble Lodge Ile aux cerfs island


Each Bubble Lodge has its own personal butler

To ensure that your experience is all the more extraordinary at Ile aux Cerfs’ Bubble Lodges, each one has their own personal butler. The Bubble Lodge butlers go above and beyond to ensure that your stay is everything you could have dreamed of (and more!). If you need anything—such as a golf cart to go to the clubhouse or would like to request a special dinner—your butler will be on hand to help you.   


Breakfast & dinner is included in the rate


Bubble Lodge view


When you book a once-in-a-lifetime stay in one of the magical Bubble Lodges, the room rate includes half board, with breakfast and dinner typically being served in the golf course clubhouse. However, if you are celebrating a special occasion, then you can arrange that your dinner is served somewhere truly remarkable for a night to remember (such as on the beach or in the garden of the big Banyan tree - if this is the Bubble Lodge you are staying in). Your butler will ensure that an amazing dinner is served with an equally memorable setup. Ile aux Cerfs has five restaurants to choose from giving you more than enough choice for outstanding lunches spent on this iconic island. 


Looking to play some golf? Stay in a Bubble Lodge and the golf is complimentary 

If you and/or your partner are interested in an exceptional game of golf on the fabled Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, then all the more reason to book a stay in one of the exclusive luxury Bubble Lodges. As a Bubble Lodge guest, you will enjoy numerous benefits such as the use of the private beach, Filibusters, and complimentary games of golf on the remarkable championship golf course designed by Bernhard Langer. For an avid golfer, there’s nothing more special than being able to embrace this iconic golfing island to the fullest and feel even if only for a second - as if it was your very own. To book, send an email to [email protected].


The  Bubble Lodge has been created with the environment in mind

The Bubble Lodges on Ile aux Cerfs have been created to have minimal impact on the environment which makes them fantastic eco-friendly options. In order to build each Bubble Lodge, the use of minimal materials and energy is required, which contrasts starkly with the incredible amount of concrete, wood and other materials used to build any conventional hotel room (a normal room uses approximately 10 000 times more materials that needed to create a Bubble Lodge). Because each Bubble Lodge uses so few materials, very little energy is needed to create them as well as transport them (the units come from France), resulting in minimal CO2 emissions in the creation of the lodge. What’s more, each unit only uses 90watts a day, with additional energy usage from the air-conditioning which is only used when necessary.


Bubble Lodge


But those are not the only ways the Bubble Lodges at Ile aux Cerfs are eco-friendly. Because of their incredible design, no flora and fauna were disturbed or destroyed in their creation (the idea is that each Bubble Lodge becomes a part of the natural surrounds) and because of their lightweight design, there was no need for invasive concrete foundations. This also makes the Bubble Lodges a wonderful option for the naturally beautiful island because one day, if they are discontinued, they can be easily dismantled and taken away (this can actually be done by one person), leaving no mark of their existence behind. And the best bit? All the materials from the Bubble Lodge are completely recyclable and they can be repurposed to make a new lodge using the same materials elsewhere.

Bubble Lodge Ile aux cerfs island


It’s perfect for nature lovers

On top of being eco-friendly, each Bubble Lodge on Ile aux Cerfs is strategically situated in its own secluded part of the island - away from any of the day guests and wonderfully removed from any other guests staying on the island. One is situated in the middle of an old Banyan tree and the other two are located on the exclusive Filibusters beach. Whether you enjoy falling asleep to the sound of the ocean or while watching for shooting stars, merely crave the gentle sounds of nature at night or would love the peaceful experience of staying in a Bubble Lodge while watching and listing to the rain, one thing is for sure, a stay in a Bubble Lodge on Ile aux Cerfs will allow you to connect fully with the stunning surrounds of this tropical oasis. 

If you would like to experience a stay at the Bubble Lodge on Ile aux Cerfs, or simply would like more information, than you can get in touch with the golf club directly. One thing is for sure, a stay in a Bubble Lodge on Ile aux Cerfs promises to be a magnificent experience that will stay with you for the rest of time.


Bubble Lodge - ile aux cerfs

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