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The Magical Chef’s Garden at Long Beach

January 13 2020

The world is a fascinating place, filled with complexities and contradictions. While the rapid advancement of technology has some downsides, it also helps to keep us more connected (in some ways) than ever before and allows us more access to information which has been previously withheld. Like what exactly goes into our crops and food sources.
As people have realised the necessity for better food sources, many of their values have changed, as have their decision-making processes around food. Most of us now want to know where our food comes from, we want to understand more about the farming practices surrounding our food and there’s a focus on fresher produce, less meat, farm-to-table initiatives and organic solutions.
Long Beach - along with the other hotels in the Sun Resorts group - pride themselves on their sustainability initiatives. These range from efforts to reuse where possible and several sustainability programmes to their own in-house glass bottling system (to cut down on plastic use), the banning of straws, and most recently, the opening of their exciting new vegetable and herb garden - the Chef’s Garden.
Picture this: you are on a holiday of a lifetime in the unbelievable tropical paradise of Mauritius, as you sit at a table mere metres from the sea, exotic cocktail in hand, and relish the sounds of the ocean lapping the shore. A stunning dish is served to you, beautifully presented and created using some of the vegetables and herbs picked from Long Beach’s own Chef’s Garden - does it get better than that?
Interested in finding more about this fantastic new initiative? Then this is what you need to know about the Chef’s Garden at Long Beach:
It officially opened in 2019
The Chef’s Garden - which is 1 500m2 and situated close to the spa - has been something in the making for quite some time. Driven by a desire to constantly find ways of being more sustainable and providing better, healthier and greener options for guests, Long Beach has been hard at work cultivating their very fruit and vegetable garden on the Long Beach property itself. 

Chef Garden Long Beach

It’s with great pride that we announce that this garden was officially opened to the chefs of Long Beach in August 2019. Many dishes made in the last few months since its opening have had Long Beach’s own ingredients at their core - something that can be expected to be seen more and more as the fruit, herbs and vegetables flourish in the abundant Mauritian soil.
It allows Long Beach greater control over the quality of their food
This stunning five-star resort is known for its incredible quality - from luxury accommodation and signature experiences to the state-of-the-art facilities. And when it comes to food, there’s certainly no exception. Having an on-site Chef’s Garden affords Long Beach even more control over the quality of not only the food, but the way in which the produce is grown, ensuring only the finest, freshest ingredients are used at Long Beach. The garden itself is maintained and looked after by the highly-trained Long Beach chefs and the hotel’s gardeners, you can rest assured, this garden is getting the care and attention it needs. 
The garden boasts an impressive variety of fresh produce
Thanks to the fantastic team looking after the garden, the Mauritian climate and the wonderfully abundant soil, the Chef’s Garden at Long Beach has been blessed with incredible fruit, vegetables and herbs. The garden has everything from lemongrass, mint, thyme, rosemary and coriander to spring onion, cabbage, corn, eggplant, beetroot, tomatoes and much more. 
Some of the tropical favourites grown include everything from passion fruit, limes, Java plums and bananas to papayas, litchis and star fruit (among others). The glorious produce from the garden is harvested when ripe and used fresh in the dishes to enhance the incredible culinary experiences at Long Beach. While the hotel is not yet fully sustainable in this regard (as it will likely take some time), around 2kgs of mixed herbs and 2-3kgs of vegetables are used daily from the hotel’s Chef’s Garden. 
The garden is in the process of getting its organic certification
The inspiration for the garden was simple; in-line with global trends and growing consciousness, the Long Beach chef’s had a strong desire to work only with fresh, high-quality products not loaded with harmful chemicals. Thus, the intention of the garden from the beginning has been to ensure everything is organic, but the certification process is long and laborious. While the best efforts are made to ensure the best quality produce, it will take around three years to become certified. 
The garden offers more than meets the eye
Apart from being a sublime Chef’s Garden with quality ingredients, this little oasis at Long Beach serves several functions; it’s the ultimate venue for private dinners, special events and novel cocktail or cooking classes. Equipped with an Ofyr grill, small kiosks and seating, it’s a stunning spot to serve as the backdrop for some lifelong memories. 
The magical Chef’s Garden at Long Beach ensures that quality is not compromised in the sublime gastronomic offerings at the hotel. It also affords the chefs an incredible journey - to cultivate and harvest their own produce and introduce their guests to the wonderful abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables in Mauritius. Serving excellent dishes is a top priority for the passionate chefs at Long Beach. 
Does the sound of farm-to-table Mauritian fare sound like your kind of culinary experience? Then book your stay at Long Beach and relish the unbelievable foodie experiences on offer. A holiday at here is sure to be five-star island living at its finest. 

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