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Endemic Plants, Nature Trails and Sustainable Practices at Long Beach

December 21 2017

The wonderfully unique Long Beach boasts a prime location; unfurled along the gorgeous east coast of Mauritius, this five-star resort is the ultimate place from which to watch one of nature’s most impressive spectacles at sunrise (a sight that can even be enjoyed during a session of sunrise kayaking). Guests can bask in the sun along the incredible beaches, indulge in the finest culinary delights at one of the restaurants, sip on expertly created cocktails at one of the bars, partake in one of the many resort activities or even go for a little shopping spree at one of the boutiques—there’s sure to be the perfect activity for every type of guest. 
With incredible surrounds and the ultimate tropical climate, there’s no doubt that this is a dream destination for intrepid travellers and active adventurers. In fact, there’s even something novel in store for nature lovers and flora aficionados. What you might not know is that this entire resort—which lies on a 59-acre site along the Belle Mare Peninsula—has been created with the environment in mind and made with nature at its core. When the contemporary Long Beach replaced the Coco Beach, it was constructed with natural, locally-sourced materials and with a design that embraces the surrounds and allows for an unbelievable amount of natural light. Inspired by charming Italian towns, this gorgeous resort boasts a central piazza, surrounded by restaurants, shops and bars and has managed to perfectly marry urban elegance with a seaside atmosphere along it’s 700-metre long and 40-metre wide beach, which is fringed by a cyan-blue lagoon full of rare coral and an abundance of colourful fish. Nature lovers eager to explore the gorgeous property to its full are truly in for a treat. Here are the reasons why this remarkable hotel is so unique:  
The outstanding tropical gardens

Nature enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear that the exotic and expansive Long Beach gardens that surround the stunning hotel are home to more than 500,000 different types of plants with 26 endemic species. For those who love to know the actual numbers (and who would like to know just how much incredible nature surrounds the property), here are some interesting figures; there is 21,000m2 of grass, 60,000m2 of bushes and shrubs, 4,530 trees and palms, over 500,000 shrubs, many of which are endemic. For those that really know their plants, a few of the endemic species that can be found at Long Beach include Dictyosperma, Diospyrostessellaria, Polysciasmaraisiana, Tambourissaquadrifida, Cyphostemmamappia & Delonixregia. 
In celebration of their incredible gardens, Long Beach offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature with their guided endemic plant trail (offered in their activity programme) which they inherited from Coco Beach and are committed to make it an extraordinary experience for guests. This is an activity not to be missed.
Bridal couples can plant their own special tree at Long Beach
Long Beach offers couples who plan on getting married at the hotel an exceptional and unique experience; to plant their very own tree on the property to symbolise their special day celebrated in paradise. If you are planning to get married at Long Beach, then your tree will form part of the nature walk and you will be able to visit it often and observe its growth. The symbolism of the tree is a beautiful one: deep-rooted and strong, you can watch it grow and strengthen each year just like your relationship. This is an incredible way to ensure your wedding is a little “greener” and allows you to offset your carbon footprint while travelling. 
They have their own nursery and herb garden
Another incredible aspect of Long Beach is that they have their very own nursery and herb garden. The expansive nursery adjoins the hotel and was created with a desire to grow and nurture more plants on the properly and seeing as the huge nursery is home to approximately 3,400 incredible plants, it’s definitely already serving its purpose. There is also a fantastic herb and vegetable garden which is used by the chefs in many of the gorgeous dishes served up in Long Beach’s restaurants. What’s more is that the sublime produce in the ‘Chef Garden’ is grown organically, free of any herbicides and pesticides. And if that isn’t impressive enough, the Long Beach chefs have also brought in beehives from which they harvest their own organic honey. 
They strive to be as green and sustainable as possible
On top of the green efforts already mentioned, Long Beach constantly strives to be greener and more sustainable, and they have tried to do this from the very beginning. The materials used to create this majestic resort, apart from being locally-sourced, include some that were reused from Coco Beach. When Coco Beach was demolished, the company contracted to do the demolition had a special crusher which was able to crush and reuse some 20,000m3 of rubble from Coco Beach to use as infill on the site. This lead to a reduced need for certain materials as well as reduced time and a lessened need for certain machinery and equipment. 
Throughout the hotel, energy-efficient light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs and spots or LED lighting (which altogether mean some 6,000 odd light bulbs) are used as part of Long Beach’s energy-saving measures. These bulbs ensure that the hotel uses ten times less energy than traditional types of lighting, and can be used for far longer (with some being able to last two and a half times longer than conventional light bulbs). Due to the incredible size of the resort, the annual savings in electricity usage is equal to the annual electricity consumption of 500 households. 
In line with their efforts to cut down on conventional energy sources, Long Beach also has a set of solar panels over a 700m2 site. This helps to lessen energy use for hot water needed in the rooms. There is also a gas boiler to back up supplies of hot water. Those worried about Legionnaires disease in water boilers can rest assured that the equipment has an automatic thermal shock system to cut out the risk of the disease. Pipes carrying water (both hot and cold) are insulated to avoid wasting energy which leads to incredible energy savings of up to 20%.
Long Beach also decided to eliminate the use of plastic bottles (as much as possible) by implementing their own in-house water bottling plant which is part of the SWITCH GREEN AFRICA programme. And as in another effort to reduce the hotel’s dependency and use of landfills, Long Beach has partnered with Don’t Waste to ensure they have a sustainable environmentally-conscious solution in place for their trash. Long Beach recycles all of the waste collected at the hotel and reuse what they can. It’s little wonder that Long Beach was one of the first hotels to be EarthCheck Silver Certified in Mauritius. 
They are committed to marine conservation
The conservation of the magical Indian Ocean and all of its outstanding marine life is of utmost importance to Long Beach. Which is why they have two in-house marine biologists working hard to ensure the ocean is protected. The Sun Group also works closely with the University of Mauritius and UNEP on the challenges faced by Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and maritime countries. 
If you are looking for a hotel that has taken solid steps toward reducing its environmental impact while providing facilities and offerings of the highest standard possible, then look no further than a stay at Long Beach. This gorgeous contemporary resort is constantly looking for ways to positively impact the planet while affording guests a phenomenal, five-star experience in paradise.

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