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Free Things to Do in Mauritius

June 14 2018

Picturesque tropical scenery and flawless beaches played a huge role in turning the once lesser-known tropical paradise of Mauritius into the highly-coveted holiday destination it is today. Popular among celebrities looking for a secret hideaway, families looking to enjoy precious moments with their loved ones and loved-up couples looking for a romantic getaway, this stunning island paradise is what dream holidays are made of. And the best part? This magical haven has something for everyone and at trip here doesn’t actually mean you have to mortgage your house to make the most of it. In fact, here are six things in Mauritius that you can do for free:

Discover Ganga Talao

Ganga Talao


The unbelievable spiritual site Ganga Talao—also known as Grand Bassin—is an absolute must-see when on a memorable trip to Mauritius. This beautiful lake (the entry to which is complimentary) is 1800 feet above sea level and sits in the crater of an extinct volcano. It’s surrounded by beautiful jungle-like and mountainous scenery home to a 108-foot tall golden statue of Lord Shiva as well as a temple and an array of small shrines dedicated to various Hindu gods. If you’re lucky, you could spot one of Mauritius’ endemic birds here as well as a troop of Macaque monkeys who visit regularly. If you happen to be in Mauritius during the Maha Shivaratri festival, you will be able to witness the incredible pilgrimage of over 400 000 Hindus to the site, said to be one of the largest Hindu pilgrimages outside of India.

Explore Port Louis

Port Louis Mauritius Shopping Caudan Waterfront


The phenomenal capital city of Mauritius is a fabulous place to explore and it provides a wonderful introduction to the country’s vibrant culture, fascinating history and of course, delectable local food. In Port Louis, you can spend hours wondering the historical streets, marvelling at old colonial buildings and elements of the eclectic culture while embracing the opportunity to enjoy a rare glimpse into the daily life of many local Mauritians. Street food stalls (that offer freshly made Mauritian dumplings, local ‘chilli bites’ and samoosas among many other delicious morsels) line the streets, colourful stores lure in curious shoppers and the rich diversity of this incredible country is present everywhere you turn. 

While there are some great museums in and around Port Louis, you don’t actually need to pay to enjoy the art scene the island with modern frescos and artworks left on the stonewalls of Port Louis by both local and international street artists alike. Head to the bustling local market in Port Louis to really make the most of the incredible ambience of the city. Here you will find a plethora of stalls packed with freshly baked goods, unusual local fruits and herbs, stalls selling delicious street food and Alouda (a type of tapioca, milk and fresh fruit drink) as well as local crafts, clothing and trinkets. 

You can also visit Champ de Mars a racing course said to be the oldest in the southern hemisphere, enjoy a leisurely stroll down the Place d’Armes, lined by beautiful trees, climb the stairs to the interesting Marie Reine de la Paix church and head to the Aapravasi Ghat, a building complex which now honours the huge number of Indian laborers who were brought into Mauritius as indentured labourers under British rule—Port Louis is a city of endless possibilities and a trip here doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to enjoy it.  

Savour an exquisite Mauritian sunset 

Sunset- Sun Resorts

While this may seem like an obvious thing to do for free, there’s just nothing like witnessing a glorious sunset (or sunrise for that matter) in Mauritius. Head to the glorious west coast of the island, pick your favourite flawless beach to sit on and enjoy the absolutely phenomenal spectacle of the sun as it sets—slowly making its descent into the magnificent azure ocean. By far one of nature’s finest (and most artistic moments), you can expect to see hues of gold, pink and purple which change slowly and sparkle across the ocean waters as the sun makes its journey towards the horizon. A magnificent sight best shared with loved ones, and if you do want to spend a little money, it’s best when enjoyed with your favourite tropical cocktail in hand.

Take a hike in the Black River Gorges National Park

Black River gorges Nature Park Waterfall Mauritius


For adventure and nature enthusiasts, a trip to the gorgeous and untouched rainforests of the Black River Gorges National Park is unmissable. This breathtaking, lush national park is home to a plethora of endemic flora and fauna and is best explored on foot. And the good news for those who enjoy a good hike is that there are over 60km of meandering trails of varying difficulty levels that traverse this beautiful lush vegetation, many of which happen upon hidden waterfalls. The views here are absolutely extraordinary—especially the dramatic vistas that serve as rewards for some of the more challenging hikes. 

If hiking is not for you, you can still enjoy the phenomenal natural beauty of this park by packing a picnic and heading to one of the viewpoints at Black River Gorges National Park where you can marvel at the rolling expanses of tropical vegetation which are said to speak of what the whole of Mauritius looked like before man set foot on it. Post-hike (or picnic), adventure aficionados who have not quite got their full of adventure for one day can head to the nearby Chamarel waterfall and take a dip in the crystalline waters.

Immerse yourself in the Mauritian culture

Sun Luxury Moments

One of the main reasons that Mauritius is unlike any other destination in the world is because of it’s eclectic and unbelievable local culture which has been influenced by an array of different cultures from around the world. Thanks to the chequered history of the island, influences from China, India, Africa and Europe are obvious here, each of which has played a fundamental part in contributing to the beautiful culture, religions, customs and food present on the island today. One of the best ways to experience this (other than a full day spent exploring Port Louis) is to see if you can plan your trip to Mauritius around one of their unbelievable local festivals which centre on important historical events or the incredible religions of the country. Fireworks, unparalleled parties, parades, colour, music and food all play key roles in some of the island’s awe-inspiring festivals. 

Make the most of the stunning beaches and tropical waters

Sun Beach

One of the best ways to enjoy Mauritius cost-free is to head to one of their absolutely sublime beaches, largely characterised by flawless, powder-white sandy shores and vibrant azure waters. Spend the day soaking up the amazing African sun, play beach games with your loved ones, or immerse yourself in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean which are especially spectacular if you have your own snorkel gear. Making the most of the beaches in Mauritius is something that’s hard to tire of. 

If you would really like to make the most of the beach and stunning Mauritian water without spending any extra money, then book a stay at one of the stunning luxury Sun Resorts where on top of daily programmes filled with free activities, they offer a huge array of non-motorised water sports at no extra cost! With ample included in the hotel price, superb service and accommodation, excellent dining options and unparalleled signature experiences along some of the best beaches in Mauritius, a holiday with Sun Resorts promises to be everything you dream of and more. 

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