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Gastronomy at Long Beach’s Sublime Restaurants

November 08 2017

Sprawled across the breathtaking and untamed Belle Mare, Long Beach proudly rises out of phenomenal tropical gardens with a refreshing and chic contemporary design. No ordinary Mauritian resort, this hotel offers discerning guests a vast array of exciting and novel experiences that range from art and DJ classes to an exceptional variety of outdoor activities, exercise facilities and wonderful group classes. It’s a remarkable destination for both couples and families seeking an active adventure in paradise.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it has another amazing facet; it’s an outstanding destination for gourmets who, with five spectacular restaurants at the resort itself, would be hardpressed to find a superior gastronomic destination. If you are looking to find a resort that offers everything a bon vivant could possibly dream of, this is certainly it. Here, we explore four of the five extraordinary restaurants at Long Beach and what they have in store for epicurean guests in the next few months as part of their Long Beach Chapter 2 initiative:


This wonderful, beach-chic restaurant, ideally situated between the main pool at Long Beach and the pristine beach, offers sumptuous seaside fare. Beautifully presented dishes are created using the freshest ingredients enhanced by aromatic spices to please even the most discerning palates. The menu offers a variety of both Mauritian and international dishes; from outstanding salads and sandwiches to delicious local fish, shellfish and tantalising desserts. It’s a prime establishment to relish a delectable casual meal during the day—mere metres from your sunlounger—allowing you to maximize your time in the warm Mauritian sun, and a magnificent setting for a romantic, candlelit dinner with your beloved. 

As part of the Long Beach Chapter 2 rebranding, Long Beach welcomed an incredibly special guest to Tides in October: Chef Lionel Levy who hailed from France. Having been awarded a coveted Michelin Star in 2005, he is world-renowned as the leader of “new Mediterranean cuisine”. During his guest appearance at Long Beach, he created a special “Flavours of the South” dinner menu (offered with and without wine pairing and made available to hotel guests at special rates) allowing him to showcase his extraordinary talent and flair, delighting Long Beach guests and treating them to a truly extraordinary culinary experience that included dishes made with foie gras, lobster, and his own interpretation of Bouillabaisse, to name but a few. 

If you missed Chef Lionel Levy in October, don’t worry. You still have another chance to savour dishes crafted by an acclaimed chef at Tides. As part of the initiative, Long Beach will welcome Chef Antoine Heerah for his very own culinary pop-up in January 2018. Chef Antoine Heerah is a native Mauritian chef who obtained his Michelin Star in 2003 and who has worked under excellent international chefs, such as three-starred Michelin chef Alain Passard in Paris. Known for his quirky personality, contagious smile and incredible joie de vivre, he combines local Mauritian flavours with authentic French recipes and culinary techniques, which blend seamlessly to form unique, inventive dishes wonderfully representative of the chef himself. 


This elegant Italian restaurant is ideally situated on the hotel’s piazza and offers guests the opportunity to indulge in ever-popular, familiar and fabulously comforting Italian dishes—from rich pastas to wonderfully prepared salads and delicious desserts. This wonderful restaurant is perfect for couples and families craving their favourite Italian flavours, each dish created with care and made with the highest-quality ingredients. 

This November, Sapori has an exciting pop-up in store for gourmets. Chef Bruno Doucet, one of the leaders of the exceptional “bistronomy” concept, will be gracing Long Beach with his presence where culinary connoisseurs can experience a taste of his Parisian restaurant—La Regalade—at Sapori. This chef, reigning from France, comes from a family of hunters and started his culinary at the tender age of fifteen, when he decided to work as an apprentice at Charles Barrier in Tours. From there he has had an exciting journey, working alongside some of the best chefs in the world, as he worked his way up the ranks. In 2001 he took over La Regalade  from Yves Camdeborde, which fast became known for his unique “bistronomy” concept. La Regalade has grown in popularity, so much so that Chef Bruno Doucet now runs and owns three branches in Paris.
Tamarind Soul

While there are no pop-ups to announce for this restaurant, the news is equally exciting. What was previously known as Long Beach’s Chinese restaurant Chopsticks, the reinvention of the restaurant, Tamarind Soul is set to launch in the first quarter of 2018 and centres on creative interpretations of incredible Asian favourites. The high-quality ingredients, aromatic Asian flavours and an expertly created new menu offer guests a sensory Asian dining experience, where the gorgeous contemporary architecture, characterised by warm accents of colour, is wonderfully refined, offering guests a luxurious, yet casual dining experience. 




The crown jewel of Long Beach’s restaurants, the authentic Japanese fine dining restaurant, Hasu, offers discerning guests a sensory gastronomic experience like no other. Steeped in ancient Japanese traditions and flavours, this exceptional establishment is the quintessential venue to celebrate special occasions or just to spoil your beloved to an unforgettable romantic dinner with sensational, world-class cuisine. With a central sushi station, grill centre and  yakitori bar, or the option of semi-private and à la carte dining areas, it offers everything you could want for an exceptional gastronomic experience.

Hasu, with its stylish Japanese-inspired decor, provides the perfect venue for our special culinary pop-up in December with two-starred Michelin chef Moreno Cedroni. This famed chef opened his first restaurant in 1984—La Madonnina del Pescatore—and was awarded his first Michelin Star in 1996, with his second following in 2006. Considered one of the most imaginative Italian chefs, he is fabled for his introduction of an avant-garde flair to Italian dishes—a chef constantly seeking to disrupt the status quo in international cuisine. His trademark style is a fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisines, where he masterfully creates distinctive and novel dishes that are sure to wow even the most discerning epicures. Needless to say, Chef Moreno Cedroni’s exclusive tasting menu at Long Beach’s signature restaurant Hasu in December, is not to be missed. 

If you would like to enjoy an unparalleled dining experience and the impeccable culinary offerings at Long Beach, Mauritius, it’s highly advised that you book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. While the restaurants and the pop-up menus are offered to both Long Beach hotel guests and guests from other establishments, it’s important to note that in-house guests will receive favourable rates on the menus and have the peace of mind of being a few metres from their gorgeous rooms. Contact us to find out more information or to make a booking.

Chef Moreno Cedroni in Mauritius - 

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