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5 Ways to Entertain Your Kids at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club

December 09 2019

The world is filled with gorgeously beautiful island destinations, complete with picturesque waters and immaculate beaches. But there’s no destination quite like Mauritius: this multicultural island nation offers discerning and intrepid travellers of all kinds (from families to couples) authentic and immersive experiences that would be difficult to find elsewhere. From eclectic and vibrant towns and cities, moreish local food and a smorgasbord of unique activities and offerings, it’s exactly the type of holiday destination that will never be forgotten.
Mauritius is also filled with hidden gems, special spots for those in-the-know and unique wonders, enhanced by tropical, volcanic scenery. This tropical wonderland is a veritable “heaven on earth” and what’s more, it’s fast becoming a top golfing destination as well.

Ile aux Cerfs aerial

The excellent golf courses in Mauritius cater to golfers of varying abilities and preferences and practically promise exceptional experiences on the (tailored) greens. While many of the courses here are fast becoming bucket list-worthy for many, there’s one that we believe is still very much in a league of its own: Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club.
Located just off the fabulous east coast of Mauritius, Ile aux Cerfs rises out of the water like a mirage. This phenomenal island is home to a number of dining outlets, gorgeous beaches, private Bubble Lodges, a “Leisure Island” area, an exclusive golfer beach and of course, Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club itself. 
Designed by golfing legend Bernhard Langer, this gorgeous award-winning,18-hole, par 72 championship course is as rewarding as it is technical. Golfers who play here are given access to state-of-the-art facilities, are treated to excellent service and are spoilt with exceptional views from the holes of the glittering azure ocean or the immaculate greens, interspersed with endemic flora and fauna as well as water features.
It’s not difficult to understand why this golf course is loved by those who have played it and so sought out by those who haven’t, but a question for many is how can golfing parents make the most of the course at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club while keeping their children entertained?
If this is something you have been wondering yourself, then here are five ways you can keep your kids entertained at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club:
Introduce them to the game itself
If you and your partner are both avid golfing fans, and your children are old enough to learn about golf (and interested in doing so), then introducing them to the intricacies - or certain parts - of it while playing a round at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club is a fabulous idea. You can educate them on the dos and don’ts, show them how the scorecard works and fill them in on all the equipment - the different clubs, gear and any other related items in your golf bag. 


IAC Golf

But there’s another, perhaps even better, way to get your children introduced to and interested in the game at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, with the on-site academy’s “Golf Discovery”. With the help of one of the golf club pros, your kids can enjoy a golf lesson that covers the basics, from the correct posture to how to perfect your swing, it’s truly a fabulous way to keep your kids entertained while you play a few holes yourself. 
Soak up the sun together on the exclusive golfer beach
Another wonderful way to keep your kids entertained is to let them burn off some energy and relish the gorgeous waters and soft sands (supervised, of course) at the exclusive golfer beach, La Flibuste.  Here you can embrace the privacy and tranquillity of the beach and even treat yourself and your family to a stunning lunch of fresh fish grilled to perfection right there on the beach. Indulge in a cocktail as you watch your kids enjoy the magic of Ile aux Cerfs. 
Let them enjoy a Treetop Adventure
Located on a different part of Ile aux Cerfs to the golf club lies a magical haven: the Leisure Island part of the sparkling gem, complete with Treetop Adventures and Acrobranch. With both a children’s (from the ages of 4 to 11) and adult’s circuit, this is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family but also provides an exceptional experience just for kids. 

Kids Activities

On these “treetop” tracks, a number of thrilling activities are introduced, making it a surprising and exciting way to entertain your children at Ile aux Cerfs. The length of the course is around 594m and the heights range from 1 to 9m, and takes participants through the treetops of Ile aux Cerfs. The course consists of zip lines (or Tyrolienne), hanging nets, bridges and a number of other obstacles to traverse, all the while, however, participants are attached to lifelines. 
There are varying levels of difficulty, so participants can enjoy it according to their level. The children's version is known as the “Adventure in the Trees” and is an easy track especially created for the kids. There are 14 stations that vary in difficulty, while still being fun for the participant. Children 12 and older will be able to make use of the more challenging “adult’s track”. No matter which track your kids enjoy, this activity also has the added benefit of some stellar views! 
It’s also good to know that there are highly-trained instructors there to assist every step of the way, so you can trust that you and your children will be in good hands. 
Allow them to make the most of the water-based activities

Water based activities at Ile aux Cerfs

One of the best ways to keep your kids entertained when surrounded by dream-worthy turquoise Indian Ocean waters is to let them indulge in some thrilling and fun-filled water activities. Another wonderful thing about Ile aux Cerfs’ Leisure Island, is that there’s a huge choice of sensational water sports and activities to enjoy. From banana boat rides and parasailing activities to boat trips, there are so many water-based ways to keep your little ones entertained at Ile aux Cerfs. 
Encourage them to make their own pizzas at Sands
A fantastic way to entertain your children (and get their appetites going while they learn a new skill) is to encourage them to make their own pizzas at the Sands restaurant alongside one of the chefs. This mini pizza-making class can be arranged for your kids through one of the restaurant’s chefs, who will look after them and help them to prepare their own pizzas with their favourite toppings (although, the Margarita tends to be a firm favourite amongst children). Once they have created their dream pizzas, they will be cooked in the pizza oven at Sands and served to the children fresh out of the oven!

Kids activities at Ile aux Cerfs

A trip to Ile aux Cerfs is bound to be magical for the whole family and sure to inspire special memories that last a lifetime. Interested in finding out more about booking a round or the additional activities on offer at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

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