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Long Beach: The Perfect Backdrop for Your Destination Wedding

December 19 2017

There are few things in the world as special as a wedding. It’s a time of love and celebration. Of family and close friends. It’s a time to honour the deep love that you share with your beloved and all of the people who have witnessed this profound love between the two of you. Sometimes in and amongst the chaos of wedding planning, it’s easy to forget what it’s really about; sharing and celebrating that love with your partner in the best possible way. 
But if you are in the throes of wedding planning you probably know all too well how easy it is to get distracted by the details. After all, something as big as the venue you choose can make or break your big day. Which is why you want to be so careful when choosing your ideal wedding venue, especially when doing so from afar. Planning a destination wedding has innumerable benefits, but it can also be incredibly challenging. Which resort is truly the best? Where would you find the perfect photographer? Where will you get your makeup done? All important questions that you need to ensure have suitable answers for you and your beloved. If you are looking for a phenomenal wedding venue in a paradisiacal location, where you can rest assured that all the details will be taken care of for you, then you should definitely consider Long Beach in Mauritius, here’s why:
It has a sublime location
The gorgeous five-star Long beach is situated along the gorgeous, untamed east coast of Mauritius and is by far one of the most glorious spots from which to enjoy one of nature’s most phenomenal moments: sunrise. An expansive and pristine beach borders the entire resort, lapped by crystalline waters—it’s nothing short of absolutely breathtaking. Because Mauritius enjoys a sublime tropical climate, it can be wonderfully warm—but with the light, refreshing (and totally welcome) breeze that sometimes blesses the east coast, you can be sure that the Mauritian heat won’t affect your big day. There’s no doubt that Long Beach makes for a magnificent backdrop for such a special occasion. 
There are phenomenal ceremony venues to choose from

Long Beach’s huge property gives couples looking to plan their perfect wedding day ample choice of wedding venues to choose from. Whether you want a beautiful, secluded venue right on the water’s edge to celebrate your big day with your nearest and dearest or the gorgeous lawns of the hotel facing the sea and surrounded by palm trees, the choice is all yours. Once you have chosen your favourite location for your big day, you can leave it to Long Beach to ensure that it’s suitably prepared to make your day extra special. You can also have peace of mind knowing that there will be a suitable, and equally outstanding, backup venue should the weather not cooperate on the day (you will be well aware of what venue this is before the actual day to ensure that you are happy with it should you need a plan B).
They offer comprehensive wedding packages
To ensure that your wedding day (and the entire wedding planning process for that matter) is totally stress-free, Long Beach offers couples phenomenal and comprehensive wedding packages to suit their every need. From the perfect photographer, the most delicious cake, a gorgeous bouquet and an outstanding makeup artist, you can rest assured that your wedding will not only be absolutely perfect but aided by some of the best wedding service providers on the island. Long Beach’s basic wedding package includes the absolute essentials (from makeup and venue and to cake) while the next one up includes a number of extras. Both packages, however, have the option of adding any additional “enhancements” (such as bottles of excellent champagne to mark the extraordinary occasion) to ensure that your big day is exactly as you have always dreamed it would be. 
No matter which package you decide to go with, the services of the in-house wedding coordinator are included, to make sure that every detail of your big day is catered for so that you literally don’t have to worry a thing. The coordinator ensures that you have a streamlined experience from planning and booking to sorting out the legalities (which require you to be in Mauritius a few days before your actual day) so that you can be assured that the wedding day itself is wonderful as is everything in between. With Long Beach, creating your fairytale wedding is an absolute dream.
There’s an outstanding spa

Every bride (and groom) deserves to be well pampered before their big day so that they not only look but feel their absolute best before and on one of the biggest days of their lives. The absolutely incredible Cinq Mondes Spa will definitely have you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for your next exciting chapter. Inspired by ancient traditions and rituals, the phenomenal, Zen-like spa offers a huge variety of spa services from massages, body treatments, facials, beauty services and much more. Guests can make use of the state-of-the-art spa facilities and spend time either pre- or post-treatment in the gorgeous relaxation area, overlooking the spa’s private lake. Here you can indulge in some much needed “me time” to ensure that you are centred and present on your special day in paradise. 
There’s a huge range of activities 

Both in the days leading up to your wedding and those after you are sure to have an amazing time at Long Beach. This contemporary resort promotes an active lifestyle with its huge range of exciting activities which include anything from wall climbing and archery to beach soccer, sunrise kayaking and much more. For the sun worshippers looking to soak up the sun, the exquisite beach at Long Beach is the perfect place to do just that. With the option of lounging by one of the many pools, making the most of the main beach or heading to the exclusive “private” beach—you can rest assured that your need to get in a solid dose of sunshine will be well catered for in some of the most sublime settings imaginable.  
It’s the perfect honeymoon destination

Another fantastic reason to plan your destination wedding at Long Beach is that you won’t have to go anywhere else for your honeymoon—there’s more than enough to enjoy at this tropical idyll. With myriad choice of dining options and bars, phenomenal activities, exemplary beaches that border turquoise waters, a luxury spa and five-star accommodation, you can’t get much better than this. The Mauritius beyond the gorgeous Long Beach is absolutely exquisite and well worth exploring itself, from the seven coloured sands at Chamarel to the botanical gardens and the local market at Port Louis, Mauritius is a sublime destination.
There’s no doubt that a wedding at Long Beach would be absolutely phenomenal. Whether you want to throw a huge bash or keep it intimate, Long Beach offers everything you could possibly dream of for your big day. Not only is it guaranteed to be absolutely spectacular but you can count on the dedicated and highly skilled team at this hotel to ensure that your day is stress-free and the fairy tale you have always wanted.

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