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Long Beach Named Food Waste Champion by Travelife

January 17 2019

Mauritius is one of the world’s finest island destinations and are celebrated for their breathtaking beauty and natural surrounds. From lush tropical landscapes and power-fine sandy beaches to glittering lagoons, it’s no wonder Mauritius is one of the most highly sought after destinations around. 


Long Beach

The world, however, is quickly changing. With these changes, there needs to be a greater effort to ensure island destinations such as Mauritius are able to thrive and maintain their beautiful, healthy ecosystems, allowing travellers the opportunity to enjoy precious holidays in these destinations for generations to come. This is why Sun Resorts, along with their five world-class hotels -  Sugar Beach, Long Beach, La Pirogue and Ambre - have sustainability and eco-friendly practices at their core. 
In fact, it’s one of these very sustainable practices that has recently been recognised at Long Beach, who was named the number 1 Food Waste Champion by Travelife. 
Here’s what you need to know about this honour:
Travelife helps to promote and improve sustainability efforts in the tourism sector

Travelife is a certification programme that gives hotels and other accommodations the opportunity to be acknowledged for their sustainable efforts in the tourism industry. They also help to improve the efforts, and ultimately, the impact of hotels on their local communities, economy and environment. 
Guests can check the Travelife Collection to find the most sustainable holiday properties on the planet, as those listed meet Travelife’s strict criteria and have achieved a certain level of certification. That way, eco-conscious travellers can easily support brands and hotels that support the environment. With all this in mind (not to mention the sheer plethora of superb properties involved with sustainable initiatives around the world), it’s an incredible honour that Long Beach is Travelife’s number 1 Food Waste Champion. 

When naming Long Beach as their Food Waste Champion, Travelife praised the five-star hotel

If being named the Travelife Food Waste Champion wasn’t honour enough, Long Beach was celebrated further with the feedback that Travelife had to give. Here’s what they had to say:
“Long Beach Resort impressed us by their creativity in both managing and recording their food waste. They use leftover food to make stock for sauces and soups also using unused butter and milk to make pastries. Remaining food waste is used to produce their own fertiliser that is used in their organic herb and vegetable garden. They also have their own beehive to produce honey. Finally, they work with a local charity to collect waste to feed pigs and to produce monthly data on how these efforts are reducing carbon emissions and water use. These collective efforts have seen a 111,657m3 reduction of carbon dioxide, 1,463,421m3 of water savings.”

The sustainable efforts of Long Beach and the other Sun Resorts don’t stop at effective management of food waste

As mentioned earlier, sustainability and eco-friendly practices are hugely important to Sun Resorts. That’s why they have set up their SUNCARE programme, in order to ensure their efforts stretch far beyond the effective management of waste. Launched in 2016, SUNCARE has been involved with numerous initiatives that align with one or all of their three main pillars, which are Community Engagement, Environment and Sustainable Business Values. Some of these initiatives include the Marine Conservation project, community projects, the Children’s Cancer Fund and the ability for guests to adopt endemic trees.


Long Beach

And it doesn’t stop there; from reusing glass water bottles and in-house water bottling plants to recycling programmes, endemic gardens, energy-saving light bulbs, solar power panels and more, it’s safe to say that Sun Resorts take sustainability seriously. 

Sun Resorts sees “caring for the people and the planet” as a priority and are constantly looking for innovative ways to do more with less. In summary, here are a few of the causes they are already committed to:

- Conserving natural resources.
- Protecting biodiversity in the ecosystem.
- Driving sustainable development.
- Minimising pollution, recycling and reducing waste and the consumption of precious resources.
- Raising environmental awareness through the education of associates, suppliers, guests and communities.
- Reviewing the effectiveness of the group’s sustainability policy in order to improve it and find the next steps.
- Empowering local communities and employees and supporting sustainable products and services in line with fair trade.
- Encouraging stakeholders to commit to environmental and social responsibility. 
To find out more about the incredible ways in which Sun Resorts strives to be more sustainable and eco-friendly, have a look at the SUNCARE website or read one of our articles on some of the initiatives. If you would like even more information, please contact us. 

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