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Making Timeless Memories at Long Beach

December 04 2017

Long Beach’s breathtakingly stunning contemporary hotel is the perfect place for chic travellers looking to unwind in paradise, with all the amazing creature comforts of the finest five-star hotels with one undeniable advantage; it’s location along one of the most gorgeous beaches in Mauritius. Situated along the untamed east coast, Long Beach’s picture-perfect beach melts into a warm, tropical lagoon that holds an abundance of gorgeous marine life and is the perfect place to witness the island’s phenomenal sunrise. At Long Beach, holidays are spent soaking up the sun and enjoying each moment to its fullest—whether it’s at Long Beach’s exclusive beach enjoying the excellent service of the beach butlers, indulging in delicious, gourmet dishes at one of the exceptional restaurants, or sipping your favourite tipple at one of the bars, each moment you spend here is bound to be memorable.
In fact, creating memorable moments and extraordinary experiences that turn into memories that last a lifetime is hugely important to Long Beach—and each of the Sun Resorts—which is why they have created their Timeless Memories concept. Unique and remarkable offerings have been created to ensure guests don’t just have a “good” holiday, but that they have a spectacular one. Built upon the seven brand passion points of excellence, each of the Sun Resorts has their own signature offerings for Sun Beach, Sunrise and Sunset, Sun Luxury Moments, Sun Mixology, Sun Kids, Sun Golf and Sun Memory Lab
For a deeper understanding of the Timeless Memories concept at Long Beach, we spoke to the excellent General Manager of the resort, Jean-Marc Ma-Poon: 
How did the concept of Timeless Memories come about?


 Our five Sun Resorts hotels are uniquely diverse, which means that all of our hotels excel in their own markets and deliver their own and unique service excellence. Together we are stronger as a brand and we wanted to collectively offer both something different to the market and a promise to every guest that comes to our hotels. The idea is that no matter how uniquely diverse we are, we will offer something distinctly SUN, which is embodied in the “Timeless Memories” concept that conveys our passion for our guests. The “Timeless Memories” concept was launched by our CEO, David Anderson at the Sun Management Annual Convention—SMAC—in July this year. 
What do you think or feel about the Timeless Memories concept?

We are here to stimulate emotions and create experiences for our valued guests. The “Timeless Memories” concept actually captures and defines this through the seven passion points. It not only gives definition and focus for our guests but for our associates too. They can all relate to the concept and deliver real emotions and experiences.
How are you implementing Timeless Memories at Long Beach?
Through the seven passion points, we have created unique experiences that showcase our concept of “Feel the Energy”—the tagline for Long Beach. We tried to be unique and creative. For example, Sun Beach is a unique offering with an exclusive beach butler service at a private beach where we have implemented a “silent disco” concept. Guests are given a headset that features three soundtracks that have been carefully curated by our International resident DJs.  


The Sunset and Sunrise offerings allow you to commence your day on a kayak where you literally feel on the ‘edge of the sunrise’. We have also launched our one-of-a-kind endemic nature trail that is offered to all of our guests. This trail showcases no less than 26 different varieties of endemic trees that are located within our grounds. The guided trail is conducted by our in-house botanist and takes about 45 minutes. Sun Luxury Moments includes a Chef’s toque and apron; a cooking class journey that takes our guests to our local market to buy fresh and seasonal products and produce. The menu is created at the market itself based on the products available. Guests are then taken to a typical Mauritian family home for the cooking class. This gives guests a true taste of our local culture.
How have your guests responded to the Timeless Memories offered at Long Beach?
Guests are loving the new concept, experienced from the moment they arrive. In the lobby, we already combined three of the passion points with a live DJ, art and a ‘shake your own cocktail’ experience. Throughout their stay, they continue to discover new experiences! 
How has Long Beach put their mark on the Timeless Memories concept—in other words, what makes your Timeless Memories different from any other resort?
Each of our properties have been designed with a different feel and clientele, hence each remains different. However, Long Beach has several unique features, starting with its unique and contemporary design that lends to the energetic feel of the property. Our welcome experience with the DJ and the ‘shake your own cocktail’ concepts are very unique.
Our Sun Beach offers an exclusive private beach as the property is set on a natural cove hence not quite accessible from one end of the beach. Here we introduce our guests to the renowned Cinq Mondes Spa by proposing head, neck or foot massages by our experienced therapists. Our ‘Lobster and Astronomy’ evening is a huge hit with our guests, not only do they get to savour a seafood barbecue, but they are afforded the opportunity to learn about the constellations in our hemisphere at the same time. These are just some of the ways we tried to be different, along with all the other experiences I have already mentioned. 
What is your favourite Timeless Memories offering at Long Beach and why?
Definitely the Sun Beach offering. Imagine this: relaxing in a private cabana on the beach in a completely secluded area...the warm sun on your skin and a glass of champagne in your hand. You don’t have to move from this bliss as just a call away is your butler who is on hand to fulfil all of your wishes.
Do you have anything else to add about Timeless Memories (that you would like guests to know?)
No matter how you feel when you arrive, you won’t want to leave!

Each ‘Timeless Memories’ offering at Long Beach centres on one of the seven passion points from which it was inspired, and each one is sure to delight and surprise guests, even those that are the most difficult to please. From exclusive beach butlers, massages on the beach and sunrise yoga to exceptional cooking and cocktail classes, being able to rent state-of-the-art photography equipment to capture your precious moments and a private dinner under the stars with an astronomer, there’s no doubt that Long Beach’s offerings will create incredible moments that will turn into timeless memories.
Whether you are an active family or a couple looking for a trendy escape, the exceptional five-star Long Beach is definitely the place for you. Enter a world of modern sophistication and luxury where only the finest things in life can be enjoyed. Explore the stellar—and wonderfully diverse—restaurants, with fragrant dishes from around the world paired with the best wines. Make the most of the complimentary land- and water-based activities. Navigate the property’s endemic trail and star gaze with a professional at night. Not only will you create timeless memories at Long Beach with your loved ones, as Jean-Marc Ma-Poon so aptly said, you won’t want to leave.

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