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Mauritius: Making the Most of the Phenomenal Surrounds

February 07 2018

With undulating volcanic hills covered in forests, long stretches of sublime beaches and tropical lagoons filled with a huge variety of marine life—there’s no doubt that Mauritius is a phenomenal destination for sun worshippers and nature enthusiasts alike. Whether you enjoy beachside activities, hiking, cycling or would just like any reason to immerse yourself in the warm crystalline waters, Mauritius will have the ultimate activity for you. The great thing about Mauritius is that because it’s relatively small, it doesn’t matter where on the island you stay, you can get anywhere quite easily. Here are some of the extraordinary activities that you can enjoy in Mauritius that will help you to make the most of the extraordinary weather and the breathtakingly beautiful surrounds:

Water-based activities 

If you are a born water baby, then Mauritius is certainly the right destination for you and one thing is for sure, you are totally spoilt for choice when it comes to water-based activities in this tropical paradise. From SUP (stand up paddleboard), pedalo, surfing, parasailing, windsurfing and kayaking, to snorkelling, diving, sailing and fishing, you can spend every day in the water and still not get to try all of them. Mauritius also has water-based activities with a twist, such as:

Glass bottom boat excursions


glass bottom boat in mauritius


Enjoy the feeling of wind through your hair on a glass bottom boat excursion in the phenomenal tropical waters of Mauritius. These boats, as the name implies, have glass panels in the bottom so that you can peek into the underwater world without getting wet (if you don’t want to). Many of these boat trips come with the option of snorkeling as well. There is a host of glass bottom boat trip providers in Mauritius, so it’s best to ask your hotel reception which they recommend. 

Solar Undersea Walk 


tourists feeding fishes in mauritius - solar undersea walk


If you are looking for an unusual aquatic experience, the Solar Undersea Walk might just be the thing for you. The perfect activity for non-divers who are still eager to experience a more immersive activity than snorkeling, you are afforded the opportunity to go three metres under the sea equipped with a “helmet”, that is fed a constant supply of oxygen, and walk on the seafloor, marvelling at the wonderful Marine life that passes you by.

Blue Safari Submarine trip



Another incredibly attractive option for those who would like to experience the ocean in an unusual way, is to opt for a trip on a submarine. During this excursion, you will have the chance to explore the mesmerising crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean at a depth of 35 meters. Typically, these underwater ‘safari’ trips take guests to a shipwreck of the Star Hope Cruiser and ensure that the guests get as close to the extraordinary coral reef as possible. The submarine has air conditioning allowing guest to enjoy the panoramic underwater views in absolute comfort while the highly skilled helmsman, with extensive knowledge of marine biology, ensures that you get the most of your tour of the underwater world. 

Land-based activities

Make the most of the tropical climate in Mauritius by exploring some of its lush valleys, vivid sugar cane plantations and volcanic landscapes. Mauritius’ extraordinary interiors are best explored by hiking and biking, with ample hiking trails in some of the most wonderful national parks you can imagine. Head to Black River Gorges National Park to immerse yourself in all of the glory of Mauritius where you can spot rare, endemic birds and monkeys or test yourself on Le Pouce and Black River Peak which will reward you with unbelievable panoramic views of the island.

Other places that are well worth visiting include:

Vallée de Ferney


view of valley de ferney in mauritius


One of the lesser known reserves in Mauritius, Vallée de Ferney is largely made up of an unbelievable forest, home to one of the world’s rarest raptors, the Mauritius kestrel, and is said to be an impressive 400 years old. Here you can enjoy the four-wheel drive expeditions and a walking trail allows you to explore a portion of the forest (with the option of a guided tour as well). There is also a lovely restaurant in the reserve where you can enjoy one of the delicious specialities. 

Domaine de L’Etoile




The perfect reserve for those who like a little excitement in their adventures; here you can explore the forested terrain by hiking, bicycle, quad bike, or on horseback. You can also indulge in the wonderful gastronomic offerings at their restaurant or try your hand at archery. Keep your eyes open for some of Mauritius’ rare birds or Java deer that were introduced to Mauritius by the Dutch, and which still thrive here today. 

Trou aux Cerfs Volcano


trou aux cerfs volcano top view in mauritius


Being a volcanic island, curious visitors can also explore the volcano and its crater. Located in Curepipe, this volcano—Trou aux Cerfs—is dormant and is a wonderful place to explore. You can drive to the top of the volcano which will afford you magnificent views of Mauritius (and even Reunion on a very good day). Those who want to investigate further can head down to the crater where a lake has formed.

The natural sights

While Mauritius boasts a plethora of interesting tourist attractions such as museums, markets and wonderful shops, its natural sights are some of its finest drawcards. On a day spent marvelling at Mauritius’ exceptional sights, be sure to stop off at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, a short distance from Port Louis for a fabulous day spent surrounded by unique and exotic flora and fauna. For avid nature lovers, a trip to Chamarel Park to explore the area with its waterfall and Seven Coloured Earths is highly recommended. For those who won’t have time (or don’t have the inclination) to hike, there are quite a few viewpoints and stops that you can make, two of the most notable being at Le Morne Brabant and the Black River Gorges National Park. 

Magical day trips


Ile aux cerfs aerial view


Another fabulous way to make the most of the unbelievable natural glory of Mauritius is to embrace some of the exceptional day trips on offer. You can opt for a catamaran cruise, dolphin and whale watching excursions, tours of specific regions and many more. They usually come with various inclusions, such as a delectable lunch or a glass of champagne while you watch the sunset. Look for one that includes a trip to the outstanding Ile aux Cerfs, where you could spend the entire day just soaking up the island lifestyle in this oasis. 

If you are interested in heading to Mauritius for an exceptional trip embracing its stunning natural surrounds, then any of the Sun Resorts in Mauritius would provide a sensational home base. Each luxury hotel has been created to offer guests a unique and memorable experience along some of the best beaches in Mauritius.

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