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Mojito Bar at Long Beach

June 03 2019

One thing is sure about the sublime modern luxury hotel that is Long Beach; the majestic property, situated amongst tropical gardens and along the gorgeous sunrise coast of Mauritius, certainly has a presence. Artfully created with natural elements and designed with a modern flair, this impressive hotel serves as the ultimate getaway for guests that are as chic as they are discerning - those that expect nothing but the best.

Long Beach offers guests a wealth of activities (both sea- and land-based), excellent, state-of-the-art facilities, a sublime luxury spa and exceptional dining experiences along its pristine 1.3km long beach. It’s the picture of paradise - a stay here is sure to be something you never forget. 

Another huge reason why a holiday at Long Beach is so unforgettable is, apart from the fact their staff always goes above and beyond to ensure you have a wonderful holiday, the hotel offers unique signature offerings and experiences that inspire Timeless Memories. From wonderful art classes to special tasting menus created by celebrity chefs, there’s something here to delight everyone.

And the good news is that Long Beach has just added another phenomenal offering for those that enjoy a little tropical flavour with their beachside experiences; the Mojito Bar at Long Beach.

Here’s what you need to know about this latest offering:

It boasts a prime position

Mojito Bar

Given the name of the hotel, it’s probably no surprise that this establishment is known for its gorgeous, and yes, long, stretch of beach and the stunning azure lagoon that fringes it. The beach at the hotel provides the ultimate place for sun worshippers and relaxed holidaymakers to relish their holiday in Mauritius, and the new Mojito Bar at Long Beach is perfectly positioned - right on the beach and a stone’s throw from the sun loungers and tempting tropical ocean.

The local Mauritian rum is the star ingredient

Rum-lovers will be thrilled to hear that Mauritius is known for its wonderful local rum. Needless to say, the local tipple is the central ingredient at the Mojito Bar at Long Beach. The bar itself features a huge selection of masterful Mojitos created by first-class bartenders and wizard-like mixologists who have taken care to develop an amazing menu offering something for every palate. 

...But there are a wealth of other phenomenal ingredients and flavours involved

Mojito Bar

As mentioned, there’s no limit on the choice of special mojitos at the Mojito Bar at Long Beach - there is a wonderful array of mojitos to choose from with tantalising flavours and exotic twists. While the flavourful Mauritian Rum certainly takes centre stage, the mojitos at this bar are made using the freshest and finest tropical ingredients around. Not sure which to start with? Then definitely try the refreshing Long Beach Mojito!

It’s open every day

One of the great things about this unique offering is that it’s not limited to any one day - it’s open every day of the week from 11:00 to 18:30, so you can get your fix whenever the craving hits. 

The extraordinary Mojito Bar at Long Beach is a popular haunt

Whether you feel like a little rum treat before or after an excursion or activity surrounded by paradise or simply feel like something to add to an already exceptional day on the beach, the Mojito Bar is there for your enjoyment! And since its launch, it’s been wonderfully popular. The ultimate beach bar for your holiday in the sun. 

Mojito Bar

Interested in treating yourself and your loved ones to a holiday in paradise unlike any other? Then book your stay at this phenomenal hotel today. It promises to be a holiday to remember.

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