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A Morning to Remember at Long Beach

February 07 2018

The luxurious and ultra-modern five-star Long Beach resort unravels along the magnificent east coast of Mauritius and offers much to guests looking to continue their active lifestyle in this gorgeous tropical oasis. Here, each day is an adventure; you can partake in one of the many complimentary water-based activities, challenge yourself during a wonderful group fitness class or try your hand at an activity you may never have tried before (such as archery)—Long Beach literally has something special for everyone. And on top of the plentitude of activities, the luxurious resort offers sublime beaches, a world-class spa, excellent contemporary accommodation and sensational culinary offerings—the perfect resort for those who like the finer things in life.

Green Lawn

After recently rebranding and repositioning itself, Long Beach launched Long Beach Chapter 2; a series of programmes, signature offerings and activities that cements its status as being truly in a league of its own. Not only can you indulge in the vast array of sporting activities, but with Long Beach’s chapter 2, you can immerse yourself in art classes, DJ lessons, phenomenal wellness classes and of course, relish the signature offerings as part of their Timeless Memories programme—here, virtually anything is possible.

One of the themes of their Timeless Memories programme is that of Sunrise and Sunset with wonderful activities offered during these two magical moments of the day to encourage guests to make the most of them and ultimately, enjoy experiences that will stay with them forever (thus, creating “timeless memories”). While not a morning person in the slightest, the encouragement from Olivier and Joel at Long Beach’s boathouse was difficult to resist and I agreed to join them for one of their early mornings Timeless Memories experiences—Sunrise Kayaking.


My alarm sounded at 6 am and I immediately pressed the snooze button. When it announced for the second time that it was time to get up, I flirted with the idea of pressing it again but realised I couldn’t risk sleeping through it, especially because I knew Olivier and Joel would be waiting for me. I rolled onto my back and looked up at the ceiling and around my huge room, I still couldn't entirely believe that I was in Mauritius and staying in such a gorgeous resort. Eventually, I got up and got dressed, put on sunscreen and headed out the door for my little morning adventure. 

As I meandered through the labyrinth of sensational (and largely sea-facing) rooms and the lush tropical gardens a cool breeze swept over me, treating me to the fresh, wonderful scent of the ocean. I took a deep breath in and contemplated the unbelievable silence so specific to mornings. I stopped to take it in for a second to realise there were gentle sounds if I listened intently; the beautiful soft calling of the birds as they went about their business, the gentle swishing of the coconut palm trees in the breeze: a wonderful realisation that this moment was entirely my own, there was not a single person in sight. 


I quickened my pace—the property of Long Beach is deceptively huge and I didn’t want to be late. I arrived at the boathouse where of course, Olivier and Joel were already waiting; our three kayaks and their oars were standing at the ready. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the two-man kayaks and, given the fact that I was not quite at my fittest, asked Joel if he wouldn't mind if we took one of those. Without hesitation (although I do remember a slight smile), Joel packed away two of the single kayaks and pulled out the double-seater (much to my relief). I put on my lifejacket and stepped into the cool, refreshing water; far more powerful than a cup of coffee to kick-start my day. Olivier was already in his kayak and I picked up my oar, giving the rowing motion a try in the air just to get the hang of it. Joel jumped in the kayak behind me and we were off.

Protected by the reef, the azure lagoon was still and our broad rowing motions disrupted the glossy surface of the water. The sun, as Joel so aptly commented, was playing hide and seek with us. The halo effect of the sun behind the clouds was an astounding sight in its own right, and alone very worth the early wake-up. The surreal tranquillity of early mornings, especially when enjoyed from the middle of the tropical lagoon at Long Beach, is really something to behold—the only sounds that you can hear are the gentle swishing of the oars through the water and the waves just behind the reef. 



Suddenly I started to feel the burn of rowing and was all the more grateful for Joel helping me navigate the kayak. I was starting to wonder where it was we were going—we seemed to be making a beeline for the reef barrier where the waves were breaking, which wasn’t too far off when Olivier stopped, followed by Joel. Olivier mentioned that we couldn’t go much further without damaging some of the corals in the shallower waters up ahead and he didn’t want to risk it. I appreciated and shared his concern for the delicate environment we so need to respect and do our best to protect.

I peered over the edge of the kayak to see beautiful corals and a few starfish but even the fish seemed to be having a slow morning, hiding in their underwater nooks and crannies. We sat in silence, the three of us in two kayaks and marvelled at nature’s magical spectacle as a light breeze caressed our faces and the sunshine peeked through the clouds, the water sparkling in the light. Lost in thought, I felt as if we had only been there a minute when Olivier mentioned it was time to head back.


The journey back home seemed to be on fast forward; we reached the shore far too quickly. While Joel took care of the oars, boats and life jackets, Olivier and I walked back to the boathouse for a refreshing glass of detox water, exactly what was needed after the workout on the lagoon. 

I thanked them for the exceptional Sunrise experience, collected my valuables from the boathouse and made my way back to my room. Being my last morning at Long Beach I decided to indulge in the in-room breakfast offering and I was now ravenous. This offering is an extra service Long Beach provides whereby you can select the items you would like from their special in-room breakfast checklist, placed in every room, the day before.


I arrived at my room and almost immediately there was a ring at my door—to my delight and surprise breakfast had already arrived. Freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, fresh fruit, eggs and bacon were beautifully laid out for me to enjoy. I watched the sea from my room while I relished my phenomenal breakfast and tried to hold on to the last few moments I still had at Long Beach, knowing that when my breakfast was finished I would need to go check out of the hotel—so I made sure to take my time, not wanting to leave this wonderful, exclusive slice of absolute paradise just yet.

After check-out, I thanked the exceptional receptionists and made my way to the taxi waiting for me. I immediately started planning my next trip to Long Beach in my mind. I knew all too well, that with the incredible host of signature offerings and wonderful activities, to get the full experience, I would need to ensure my whole family joins me next and that we will need to stay for much longer. 

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