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A Must-try 3-course Meal at Long Beach

October 15 2018

There’s something extraordinary about discovering a destination through its food. In fact, the food of a particular destination tells you an enormous amount about the country itself; the food that comes from a particular place can tell you about its cultural heritage and influences and by virtue of that, even lets you have a glimpse at its history. Many people these days base their travel itineraries around where they would like to eat and what kind of food they would like to try—one of the main reasons why “food tourism” has actually become a thing; travellers are seeking unique and memorable food experiences where ever they go.

Once a lesser known tropical oasis, Mauritius is fast becoming a popular destination for intrepid travellers and foodies alike, the latter in pursuit of the gorgeously prepared gastronomic delights available in this interesting destination. This eclectic country’s culture (and food scene) is heavily impacted by the diverse heritage of the island, with noticeable influences from India, China, Africa and parts of Europe. Whether you like to eat in fine-dining restaurants, enjoy trying the local street food or crave the casual atmosphere of a typical eatery, there’s something in Mauritius for every palate. 

The dishes here are typically characterised by the freshest ingredients (such as delicious vegetables, unique fruit or sumptuous seafood), as well as rich, aromatic spices and exotic flavours that are bound to tantalise the taste buds. Here you can treat yourself to a delicious fish curry, feast on fresh, grilled seafood, indulge in some Mauritian samoosas or simply sit back and relax with a tropical cocktail made with the local rum.

That’s not to mean, however, that the only delicious food you can enjoy in Mauritius is their local delicacies. In fact, once you have had your fill of Mauritian culinary goodness, there’s a huge international cuisine scene that is just waiting to be explored, and there’s no place that does it better than Long Beach Mauritius. Here, any one of the five remarkable on-site restaurants are sure to amaze, but if you are looking for a sensational, Japanese-inspired three-course meal you will never forget, then this is our pick:

A Sublime and Memorable Three-course Meal at Hasu

The majestic, modern five-star Long Beach Mauritius unravels along the sublime, wild East Coast of Mauritius and is the ultimate destination for those who enjoy the perfect balance of activity and relaxation, as well as those that enjoy fine, world-class food. Among the five on-site restaurants is the fine-dining Japanese restaurant, Hasu, which boasts modern architecture with minimalist features with distinct, and refined, Japanese flare. If you are pressed for time and can only enjoy one meal at Hasu, we recommend the following:


The Starter: Salmon Sashimi with Teriyaki Sauce




While this outstanding starter may sound simple, the complexity of the flavours are anything but. Created by the talented Alex Lowri (the restaurant's sous chef), this extraordinary dish is created using the best and freshest salmon on the market. It’s then sliced in perfect sashimi pieces, dipped in and then drizzled with teriyaki sauce and accompanied by a hint of Japanese mayo for presentation purposes. To finish it off beautifully, it is elegantly decorated with micro herbs and edible flowers. This stunning sashimi starter can definitely be shared between two (but you may just find it too good to share!). 


The Main Event: Grilled Beef Glazed Soy and Sesame Sauce


Main Course


The second dish on the menu that has been created by the talented Alex Lowri, this phenomenal main course is sure to get your mouth watering. This exquisite cut of beef is gently grilled to perfection (to your idea of perfection that is, be it rare, medium rare, medium or well done) over charcoals for a longer period of time (due to the lowered heat of the charcoal) than one might normally and has been basted in a sensational soy and sesame sauce. Accompanied by a small side bowl of wasabi to add a hint of heat to the dish and served on a bed of bok choy (which is a type of Chinese cabbage), this course is absolutely spectacular and shouldn’t be missed while on holiday at Long Beach Mauritius. 
While you naturally have the choice of how you would like your meat cooked, the chef highly recommends choosing a medium rare cut of beef to get the best flavour  and overall experience of the dish. 


The Finale: Melting Dark Chocolate

Part dessert part spectacle, this sublime delight is the type of creation you see in the very best cooking shows and aptly so, as it’s created by the esteemed Chef Gerard Larose himself. Surprising, delightful and delicious, this chocolate goodness has been well-thought out and expertly created to ensure guests end their meal at Hasu in true style.

The preparation of the dish is actually finished off in front of the customer; silky hot chocolate is poured onto the perfect chocolate dome in which the actual dessert is enclosed, and as it melts it reveals its surprise elements inside. The ultimate hot and cold dish, this dessert consists of fresh coconut sorbet with a hint of coriander, yuzu jelly for that Japanese je ne sais quoi, and has a hint of lemony freshness which mixes beautifully with the other flavours on the plate. A real treat and the epitome of gastronomy, this dessert is an absolute must-try and is the ultimate way to end off a sublime meal at Long Beach’s Hasu. 

If the very idea of Hasu tantalises your taste buds than you will be thrilled to hear there are many more magnificent Japanese dishes on the menu that are sure to wow you—it’s the type of restaurant you will definitely want to visit more than once. 

But Long Beach is quite literally a treasure trove for discerning foodies looking for their next favourite meal in paradise, whether it’s sumptuous Italian fare you seek, incredible Mauritian delicacies, fresh seaside goodness, flavourful Asian delights or fine-dining dishes; there’s literally something here for everyone.


If you are looking for an incredible and gorgeously modern five-star resort for your perfect holiday in Mauritius that has everything you could possibly imagine, then look no further than a stay at Long Beach. Not only are you able to enjoy luxury comforts and accommodation on one of the best stretches of beach in Mauritius, you get to do so while enjoying some of the finest food on the island.

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