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Meet Rajesh Seegoolam - Lobby Supervisor at Long Beach

August 09 2019

The multi-award-winning Long Beach hotel is fabled for a variety of reasons. Popular among active families and couples alike, this majestic, ultra-mod establishment boasts an extraordinary location along the island’s exotic east coast, with an expansive golden beach melting into sublime tropical waters. But the hotel’s drawcards don’t begin and end with the location; Long Beach is also a sought-after hotel because of its gastronomic offerings, its unique and thrilling Timeless Memories experiences, its sublime Cinq Mondes spa, the phenomenal array of activities on offer and its magnificent rooms and unparalleled luxury.

Long Beach

But at the heart of this magical hotel is a group of extremely hard-working, stellar individuals; the Long Beach staff. Dedicated and highly-skilled, the Long Beach staff is there to ensure your trip to Mauritius is a memorable one. One such individual is Rajesh Seegoolam, Long Beach’s trusty Concierge.

We spoke to Rajesh about his role and his work at Long Beach and this is what he told us:

How long have you worked for Sun Resorts?

I’ve actually worked for Sun Resorts for 40 years! I started my career at St Geran as a cleaner and I worked my way from a cleaner to housekeeping, then from housekeeping, I started working in the reception area as a baggage handler. From there I was put on the telephones. During this time, I got an incredible amount of support and help from colleagues who had a lot of experience in communication and they helped me in a big way to learn and ultimately to progress in my career. 

I also received a lot of support from Rajen Canniah (the Executive Assistant Manager at Ambre). With his help, I was able to learn a lot and refine my skills and this led to me becoming the telephone supervisor. I was able to pay it forward by teaching other newcomers these skills and many of them are very successful today. 

What motivated you to join Long Beach, A Sun Resort, Mauritius?

It was largely my co-workers. There is a great ambiance and team spirit here which encourages me to come to work every day. 

What does a typical day at work look like for you?


I typically start work at 8 am. Normally, I work two shifts a day - one starts at 8 am and the second at 10 pm. My daily role includes welcoming the guests, managing their needs and requests and making sure the guests’ luggage reaches their rooms safely. I also connect with and communicate important information to the guests, and so on. I also assist my colleagues where necessary and share my knowledge and experience with them so that they are better able to perform their tasks. 

Which of the hotels in the group is your favorite and why?

Based on the fact that they are all different but that they all work well and help guests to enjoy their stay, I love all of the hotels in the group.

What are some of the things guests enjoy the most about Long Beach?


The guests tend to enjoy the activities and services offered by Long Beach the most as well as the different restaurants we have.

What are some of the ‘must-do’ activities that you would recommend to guests staying at Long Beach?

There are so many! If they only have time for two I would recommend the glass bottom boat trip and a diving excursion. But I think they should also try volleyball and archery.

In your role at Long Beach, how do you add your personal touch to make a guest’s stay enjoyable?

I think one of the best ways to ensure a guest’s stay is enjoyable is to always approach them with a friendly attitude. A friendly approach says it all! It’s also important to listen to guests’ queries, always ensure you meet (and ideally exceed guests’) expectations, follow up with any queries or complaints and make sure guests have everything they need at all times. 

What is your most treasured memory from your job?

I really enjoy it when repeat guests visit the hotel and they recognize me! It’s like seeing old friends again. 

One of your tasks is the handling of golfers, what, in your opinion, makes a game at IAC so unique and memorable?


The Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club is found on a wild island and I think this makes it incredibly unique and memorable - a world-class golf course and a private tropical island with lots of wildlife.

How do you make a difference in the experience of the golfers?

I meet a lot of golfers daily, many professional golfers as well. I make sure that they have everything they need before going to play golf, arrange their timings, etc. I do what I can to meet their every need so that they can simply focus on enjoying their round. 

What would you tell a complete beginner to motivate him to start playing golf?

I would first offer him all the necessary information and also find out what I could about his concerns or his handicap if they have one and if they will be comfortable playing golf. We then recommend a great time to play for them and I make a booking for them.

I encourage them by telling them that they will get a free golf initiation on Ile aux Cerfs along with complimentary transfers. We encourage them to give golf a try, and then I make all the arrangements for them. I talk to them about the uniqueness of the golf course and about the other activities they can try on the island. 

Apart from IAC, what other golf courses would you recommend to golfers staying at Long Beach?

I would also recommend that they play a round on the Anahita Golf Course. If they are interested in playing on other courses, I will provide them with comprehensive information about other golf courses in Mauritius. 

Who is your favorite golfer?

Pravesh from Ile aux Cerfs is definitely one of my favorite professional golfers. I also really like Sanjeev Gunnoo, he is really good at giving golf initiations he provides golfers with very precise and useful information about their golfing skills and the game in general. These are two of my favorite golfers on Ile aux Cerfs as they are extremely good at what they do. 

Long Beach has positioned itself as a golf resort, what makes a stay at Long Beach so special for a golfer?

There are a lot of excellent facilities at Long Beach that offer golfer-specific things, such as the spa that offers a golfer’s massage. A stay at Long Beach also means that golfers are afforded complimentary or discounted green fees at select golf courses as well as complimentary transfers to Anahita and Ile aux Cerfs. We can also arrange that the wife is able to enjoy a day at the private beach on Ile aux Cerfs while her husband plays golf and much much more!

Who would you like to credit for who you are today?

I would like to thank Mme Jennifer Glanes, Tony Michel and Geraldine Carpouron, they have helped and supported me a lot over the years. I would also like to thank my co-workers who have always supported me and the whole Front Office team. 

What are your hobbies when you are not at the resort?

In my free time, I observe my religious practices (I am a very religious person). I also like to immerse myself in nature and cycle along the mountain roads as well as enjoy a swim in the sea. I love to discover my surroundings the incredible natural beauty of Mauritius.

Do you want to experience all of the incredible offerings at Long Beach with people Like Rajesh Seegoolam making sure your experience is totally out of this world? Then book a stay at Long Beach for your next holiday. 

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