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The Rum Academy at Long Beach

December 16 2019

Stylish, contemporary and luxurious - the dazzling gem of Long Beach is a phenomenal choice for discerning guests. This five-star luxury hotel in Mauritius, located along the dreamlike sunrise coast of the island is the ultimate getaway, one that offers creature comforts and signature experiences you would battle to find anywhere else in the world. 

This luxury hotel in Mauritius which encourages “active relaxation” and offers guests a slice of carefree piazza-style living in Mauritius is highly-sought after largely because of their incredible and unique offerings, the very fabric of which inspires lifelong memories. From guided walks along the endemic trail in the tropical gardens and special famous chef dinners to their own special curation of art in their in-house art gallery. 

Art gallery at Long Beach

What’s more, they offer art classes with in-residence artists, sweat sessions with celebrity fitness trainers, music played by international DJs, a wealth of activities (both land- and sea-based) and sublime culinary outlets that are perfect for dining al fresco (like the boutique shop, these are around the Italian-inspired piazza). There is also a world-class Cinq Mondes Spa here, offering amazing treatments and wellness retreats, an amazing kids club, and much, much more. It’s a paradisiacal hotel, one that you aren’t likely to forget. 

It’s probably unsurprising then that the award-winning Long Beach is considered one of the best hotels in Mauritius by many who are able to experience a holiday along the golden shores of Long Beach. 

For those that love to indulge in the finest things in life and VIP experiences, you can also expect a complimentary bottle of Moët & Chandon on arrival (when you book directly via the website for a stay of 4 nights or more). From the moment you enter the hotel to the minute you leave, the staff at Long Beach go above and beyond to delight and surprise you at every turn.

Long Beach’s lobby has recently undergone a sleek update and now boasts a mid-century chic style, an abundance of greenery, clean lines and the addition of wooden design elements. As part of this renovation, this luxury hotel in Mauritius has added a new Departure Lounge and a fabulous Rum Academy. 

Interested to find out more about the new Rum Academy? Read on!

It forms part of Long Beach’s extraordinary check-in experience

Rhum academy

Set in the heart of Long Beach’s gorgeous new lobby is an incredible offering - the Rum Academy, which is just one of the small ways Long Beach sets itself apart from other hotels in Mauritius. On arrival, you can enjoy a seamless check-in experience along with a delicious cocktail, made with one of the local rums as its core ingredient: this should set the tone of your magical holiday in paradise perfectly and help you to get into the island holiday spirit (excuse the pun). 

You can familiarise yourself with the diverse array of local rums

Another fantastic thing about the exceptional Rum Academy is that it gives you a chance to deepen your knowledge of Mauritian rum, its history and the amazing variety of flavours available. During the colonial era, Mauritius became a top sugar-producing country. 

Take a drive through the country and you will be rewarded with lush tropical jungles, dramatic volcanic scenery and vivid fields of swaying sugarcane - it’s an amazing sight, specifically when the sugar cane flowers are in bloom. Sugar has been a huge part of the Mauritian economy for centuries and over time, other uses for sugar and by-products of the sugar-making process gained popularity. 

It didn’t take too long for rum to become an interesting use of sugar, or rather, the molasses produced from sugar, and as of 2006 - when a ban was lifted - from actual sugar cane juice (the latter being used to make a type of rum called “agricole rum”).

At Long Beach’s suburb Rum Academy, you can learn about - and sample - an array of different rums and varieties, infused with delicious island-inspired ingredients such as vanilla, coconut, pineapple, litchi amongst others. 

At the Rum Academy, you can even partake in a novel mixology class 

Long Beach is often hailed as the best hotel in Mauritius, thanks to its unparalleled and immersive classes that range from art sessions to fabulous mixology classes. You can partake in one of these fun-filled cocktail classes in the evening at the Rum Academy itself. 

Rhum academy

During one of these classes, you will have the chance to work closely with one of Long Beach’s skilled bartenders to make your own sublime concoction or to add a unique twist on a classic rum cocktail, using the freshest and finest local ingredients and of course, the very best local rum. The mood of the class is sure to be enhanced by the lobby’s live DJs’ smooth tunes - this is luxury island living at its best. 

Interested in spending a sublime holiday in paradise in one of the best hotels in Mauritius? Then book your stay at Long Beach and relish a once-in-a-lifetime holiday in the most magnificent surroundings. Along this pristine shore, you are sure to have exceptional moments that turn into memories that last a lifetime. 

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