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Su-Man Hsu : Celebrity Facialist

February 01 2018

Su-Man will give facial treatments at the Long Beach from 9th to 20th April, every day.

Please contact the Spa for an appointment on [email protected] or call on +230 4011943.

The contemporary Long Beach hotel is a magical haven for families looking for the perfect family holiday playground as well as loved-up couples looking for a special tropical hideaway. Known for its promotion of “active relaxation” or a holiday that perfectly marries outdoor activity with the quintessential island lifestyle, this spectacular five-star resort is nothing short of extraordinary. 

What’s more is that apart from sensational culinary offerings, a huge variety of complimentary activities, exquisite accommodation and sublime signature offerings, Long Beach offers their guests extraordinary “limited edition” opportunities and experiences that range from meals with celebrity chefs to professional painting classes. And there is something particularly special planned for April; facials offered by the celebrity facialist Su-Man.

If this is something you definitely cannot miss, then book a facial at Long Beach with Su-Man between the 9th and the 20th of April 2018, where she will be offering her signature Su-Man Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we highly recommend embracing (but be sure to book ahead as space is limited). 

We had the privilege of talking to Su-Man and here’s what she had to say about her facials, her philosophies and her journey:

How did you become a facialist?

I feel like my entire life has been associated with beauty. As a former professional dancer, it’s in my DNA to seek perfection in beauty—as frustrating as that can be and even as a busy facialist, I still stick more than enough toes into the world of dance. I’ve trained actresses to dance for movies and I was the rehearsal director for Akram Khan’s (a British choreographer) segment in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2012. 

The truth is that I stumbled into the beauty industry. After being a dancer, I decided to train as a shiatsu therapist and then I began to master some of the ancient facial techniques. Before I knew it, people were queuing up to see me! I quickly realised that I needed fantastic products so I used my passion for mixing ingredients to make my own. My clients adored them. I decided to refine them with chemists and then suddenly, I was on the verge of launching my own range! Call it a beautiful accident. 

Can you tell us more about the signature facial treatment that you’ll be offering at Long Beach and how you created it? 

As I mentioned, I basically stumbled upon being a facialist. First I was a professional dancer, then a shiatsu therapist and then I learned the art of ancient facial massage techniques. My natural intuition and creativity began to put these experiences together organically and out of it, my signature facial was born. I’ve only just given it a name, which is the “Su-Man Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial”. I used these words specifically because that’s what my clients kept saying to me.

For me there are three processes to creating beautiful and healthy skin; purifying, energising and nourishing. After an initial skin analysis, I deep cleanse the face, followed by gentle extraction, the application of a botanical placenta mask and finally toning and moisturising. Each procedure is applied through carefully designed massage techniques. My aim is to rebalance the energy and moisture in the skin as well as wake up and revitalise all the muscles in the face and surrounding areas. It results in a natural facelift that leaves the muscles alive and the skin glowing.

It may sound like a normal facial but I never treat each face the same. I listen and look and let it tell me what it needs. I often find doubt in people’s eye orbits, sadness around their mouths and anxiety in jawlines. So this treatment is really a combination of physical and emotional work. The end result is that you don’t just look beautiful, you feel beautiful too.  

Su-Man HSU


What differentiates you from other facialists and beauticians?

My whole life has been about collaboration between East and West. I’m not looking for fusion—that’ too rigid. Instead, I aim for a hybrid of both by keeping the best qualities of both cultural parents. In a way, I’m neither East nor West—but something else; I do things a third way which is the Su-Man Way. My facial has grown out of a deeply personal place in me. I feel more like a skin artist. I’m definitely not a beautician! 

My facial is not a pampering, superficial experience like many others. I work on the muscles as well as the skin to bring life back into the face. I use a combination of Asian and Western massage techniques and skin philosophies, which I’ve created on my own. My clients often say that I have dancing fingers and that they have my undivided attention and focus. Not one molecule of my energy is elsewhere.

Can you explain some of the techniques you use and how do they positively impact and sculpt the facial contours? 

Our faces are beautiful structures of bone, muscle and skin. If the muscles are activated and toned, then the skin reflects this and looks lifted and sculpted. However, you can have stunning skin but the face can still look closed and stagnated. I open the energy channels of the face by working on pressure points and release the tension of the muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper chest. 

Is one of your signature facials generally enough to see results, or are multiple facials recommended?

With my Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial you can actually see results instantly. However, if you wish to maintain good skin quality long-term, it’s best to have a facial at least once a week. And once a month is absolutely necessary. It also largely depends on how disciplined you are and how well you look after your skin. 

What main areas do you focus on?

I’ve learned that you cannot enter a treatment with a strict formula in your head. Each person is different and for me to truly understand who they are, I need to remain open, empty my head and let my intuition take over. My client needs to guide me to the source of their problem. This way I can offer them the very best facial according to their needs and not mine.

You have given a few Hollywood celebrities facials such as Juliette Binoche. What is that like? 

It’s really very similar to working with my non-celebrity clients the main difference being that celebrity clients are usually working towards a goal, such as looking their best for a film, magazine cover shoot or red carpet event. This gives them a purpose within a very concentrated time frame so you tend to see faster results. I get the added benefit of feeling like I contributed to their role or event. 

If you would like to find out more about Su-Man and her stunning range of skincare you can have a peek at her website. If having a facial by this talented celebrity facialist is something you don’t want to miss out on then make your booking at Long Beach today. A Su-Man Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial is sure to be one of the many highlights during an exceptional holiday in paradise. Contact us for more information on this special offer.

Su-Man gives facial treatments at the Long Beach from 9th to 20th April 2018, every day.

Please contact the Spa for an appointment on [email protected] or call on +230 4011943.

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