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Success for Cecile Jeanson’s water method for muscle strengthening

November 24 2017

Cecile has been animating muscle strengthening water classes at Long Beach since a few weeks and has encountered great success. Many guests from the hotel and locals have come to her sessions and are asking for more. Why? Because Cecile’s method really makes you feel better!

It is easy to learn and the difficulty level can easily be adjusted.

Cecile will stay at Long Beach for now and will continue her classes, due to popular demand.

In her sessions, Cecile strives in helping your brain connect to the element – water – creating awareness of the way this element can benefit our muscles. Ideal for people who suffer from chronic pains in the neck, back or for those who just want to feel better in their body.

Cecile is a swimming champion (has won numerous titles, Olympian). She suffered a terrible back injury and managed to avoid handicap by teaching herself to feel better, using her favorite element – water.

Cecile teaches her method that uses water as the main element, her method does not require any swimming, so it is open to all. Her dearest wish is to transmit what she knows in order to make people feel better and it works. Many guests have been positively transformed with just a few sessions:

Tom: “I have a terrible shoulder problem. I regularly see a physiotherapist. I tried Cecile’s classes and in just 3 lessons, I have seen a great progress. As an example, I could not take off my t-shirt easily, now I can!”

Agnes: “I suffer from a ‘frozen shoulder’, it got so bad to the point that I cannot tie alone my hair or apply sun cream. In 7 sessions, I managed to tie my hair and apply sun cream, I feel wonderful!”

Julia: “I have neck and back problems, as a consequence, I stopped sleeping with a pillow since 5 years. After a few sessions with the super-kind Cecile, I feel much better, so much better that I can now sleep again with a pillow, a real pleasure. I even feel more confidence and went zip lining with my kids!”

Anne-Lyse: “I really hesitated to go on holidays. It may sound strange but last time I went on holidays, my body relaxed completely, but too much. It went to a point where I became sore all over and could not move at all. I meant Cecile in Long Beach, well actually, Cecile came to me and spoke to me. I decided to try one of her sessions, encouraged by my husband. I did 1 session a day and I came back from my holidays with the feeling of having spent the best holidays of my life. My husband tells me that I am now smiling all the time, Cecile really helped me to positively relax and strengthen my tired muscles. I strongly recommend her sessions, they just make you enjoy your holidays more…”

More reviews concerning Cecile on TripAdvisor:
"My daughter's wedding."
 Oct 31, 2017  adelaide62, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

We had a memorable stay. The marriage of my daughter with the children. It was magical, sublime. Thank you all again for the good times. A beautiful also met Cécile the swimming coach. During my stay all my pain disappeared thanks to these courses. I have a disease called fibromyalgia with course Cecile I hardly had more pain. Again many thanks. Also thank you to the staff who is fussing over us. Tony Cécile remained as you are.

This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. 
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