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Sun Signature Treats

December 05 2019

Located on some of the finest beaches in the world, the Sun Resorts hotels are as mesmerising as they are luxurious. State-of-the-art facilities meld with exotic tropical surrounds, stylish rooms decorated with flair and a wealth of unrivalled activities and experiences: the Sun Resorts intention is to ensure that guests have the holiday of their dreams with the very essence of paradise as their backdrop. 
The Sun Resorts hotels have become the ultimate luxury holiday home base for many over the years, with ample guests returning to embrace memorable, sun-kissed dream holidays in Mauritius. And apart from the alluring factors mentioned above, the four- and five-star establishments - Ambre, La Pirogue, Long Beach, Sugar Beach - are known for excellent service, signature experiences and a commitment to sustainable practices.
In-line with those unique selling points, Sun Resorts is proud to announce a selection of specially created Sun signature treats: three new and unique offerings for all of the Sun Resorts guests to enjoy.
Interested in finding out about the new delicious morsels that await you at one of the gorgeous tropical hotels in the Sun Resorts group? Here’s a sneak peek:
The Sun Christmas Log “Nou Filao”
This Christmas, a wonderfully novel Sun Resorts-only treat will available: the artfully created Sun Christmas Log “Nou Filao”. This offering celebrates the Fialo tree, from which the decadent dessert draws its inspiration, and which is found in abundance along some of the most famous beaches in Mauritius. This unique creation is the perfect way to celebrate this festive season as the Filao resembles a Christmas tree. 


The Sun pastry chefs came together to conceptualise this sublime offering and utilize mostly local ingredients to make it, with litchis, sugar, mangoes, coconut and Muscovado used as central ingredients.
You will be able to find the Sun Log on offer in all the Christmas buffets and in all of the Sun Resorts hotels. And remember, you’re on holiday, diets are for January!
Sun Signature Bread
There’s nothing quite like the smell or taste of freshly baked homemade bread, and now, it’s as good to look at as it is to eat. The two new Sun Signature bread offerings are truly feasts for the senses. The recipes for these amazing offerings have been honed over months and the unbelievable synergy and teamwork between the Sun Pastry and Bakery chefs has now paid off with golden, delicious and artistic bread as a result. 
The two new offerings are:
The Sun Healthy Bread
For those who are looking for something both healthy and delicious, this loaf is made with low-carb flour, mixed seeds and natural yeast. No bread improvers are used and this bread is yet another example of how Sun constantly strives for sustainability. How, you may ask? By making use of a “secret” ingredient that forms a core part of the bread: banana peels. By using banana peels, the Sun team ensures there’s as little waste as possible and that the entire fruit is used. The loaf is then finished off with a special ‘Sun Healthy Bread’ logo. 
The Sun Bread
Made with a special blend of white and rye flours, this artisan bread is made in the old-fashioned French style of breadmaking. Centre stage in this recipe is natural yeast, and in the spirit of sustainability, banana peels are used in these loaves as well. As with the Healthy Bread, the Sun Bread loaves will boast their own unique logo. 

Sun Bread

The new loaves of bread made their debut at the Sun Excellence Awards 'dinatoire’ on 29 October 2019, and will now be available at all of the hotels in the Sun Resorts portfolio. 
The hotels in the Sun Resorts group are always finding new ways to delight and surprise their esteemed guests. Interested in enjoying the VIP treatment for yourself? Then book a stay at one of the extraordinary Sun Resorts and experience the unrivalled hospitality, phenomenal service, signature experiences and the ultimate luxury comforts for yourself. 

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