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Travel Souvenir Ideas to Bring Home

April 10 2018

There’s no doubt about it; there’s something truly exhilarating about travelling to a new and exotic destination. Many shopaholics and sentimental travellers would argue that it’s equally exciting to buy something from your destination and in fact, to have something from every place you have travelled to remind you of your epic adventures—it’s like taking a little piece of each destination back home with you. So how can you do just that—take a little bit of each destination home with you? The obvious choice is to buy one of the prolific tourist souvenirs easily found in popular tourist destinations around the world. 

But if souvenir and memento buying is is something you enjoy doing, you are probably starting to get a little tired of postcards and fridge magnets (and perhaps one or two of your loved ones are too). So what could you possibly buy instead of the obvious souvenirs next time you travel to some gorgeous exotic destination and would like to bring a piece of it back home with you? Here are some of our suggestions:


Practical, pretty and something most women just can’t have enough of, one of the best souvenir ideas is to buy an item of jewellery from every place you travel to. You could choose a specific type of jewellery that you buy each time—bangles or bracelets perhaps?—or buy something different in each destination, depending on what you find and what you like. You can go for destination-inspired items (like seashell beach bracelets or something particularly special to the area or destination) that can be found in local markets or sold by street vendors or opt for slightly better quality classic pieces which will last forever. Whichever you decide, jewellery definitely makes for phenomenal travel keepsakes, gifts and souvenirs. 


One of the most fabulous souvenir ideas while you are travelling is to buy small artworks instead of conventional gimmicky souvenirs. Little statues made out of marble, pictures delicately painted on rice paper or gorgeous tapestries are some of the items you can keep a look out for (depending on your destination) while travelling, many of which can be easily folded or packed up with a bit of care and easily transported. Keep in mind that one of the best ways to ensure that you are getting authentic items from your destination is to buy from local artists who are creating their artworks in front of you, leaving little doubt about their authenticity.  


While definitely a souvenir that needs a little commitment and some extra luggage space, a cookbook from your destination is a wonderful keepsake—specifically for gourmets who enjoy sampling local delicacies wherever they go. There’s also something magical about whipping up a fantastic meal for you to share with loved ones from a sensational destination you will never forget, allowing them to play a part in your wonderful experience.  

Destination-specific trinkets

The word “trinkets” for many people implies worthless knick-knacks that end up getting lost, or tucked away somewhere and that end up being as useless as travel magnets and postcards in the end. But we aren’t talking about those kinds of trinkets. We are talking about destination handicrafts that are handmade, unique or typical of your chosen destination. Think Matryoshka dolls from Russia, authentic wooden Christmas decorations from Germany, mini Buddha models from Thailand or handmade Pinocchio puppets from Italy or Ship models from your holidays in Mauritius, these items are excellent souvenirs for the sentimental traveller or loved one. What’s more is that you can often find them at a reasonable price and they are easy to transport. 

Beauty products

While this might seem like an unusual souvenir idea, you might just find yourself in a destination that prides itself on novel and exciting beauty products that you might either enjoy or that might make the perfect gift for someone back home. From a plethora of Dead Sea mud products to a range of wonderful African-inspired beauty items and snail face masks from Korea, there is a huge array of wonderful and unique beauty products that can be found all over the world. 

Natural elements

Sometimes one of the best souvenirs is one that has been taken directly from the place itself, such as beach sand, rocks and pebbles that you gather while on your journey, or even those that you buy from the local markets, and can put in beautiful glass jars or bottles and perhaps add a little note or label listing the destination from which your special natural souvenir came. But before you go on a foraging mission ensure that you ask the locals what is acceptable to take and what isn’t—in some parts of the world it’s illegal to take shells and coral from the beaches and oftentimes picking flowers or plants is not allowed. It’s also important to check that you will be able to take the item through customs if you travel internationally. Being a very sentimental type of souvenir, it might not be the ideal choice for a loved one back home, unless it’s remarkably unique or holds a special meaning to them. 

Locally sourced cooking ingredients

Another perfect travel souvenir for gourmets is to buy locally sourced cooking ingredients to stock your (or your loved ones’) kitchen cupboards back home. Recreate, or help your loved ones to recreate the mouthwatering fare that you sampled while travelling with local culinary goodies from the destination in question. The ideal accompaniment to the cookbook souvenir idea, and a stunning option in its own right, some of the best locally sourced ingredients you can buy (and travel with relatively easily) are spices, special sugars or even oils and small bottles of local sauces. The best part about this souvenir idea is that in most destinations these can easily (and reasonably) be found in the local markets and even supermarkets. 

Fabrics or textiles

Fabrics and textiles are wonderful souvenir ideas for those who love to don exceptional items or have a penchant for clothing or house items and gifts, especially if you are heading to a destination famous for a specific fabric, textiles or clothing. This is a wonderful way to remember your destination especially if you have been able to find some exotic gorgeous fabrics that you can make yourself into wonderful home decor or stunning clothing. Often you can find excellent quality scarves, saris, pashminas, and items in wool, cashmere and leather in local markets and stores in amazing destinations around the world, and very often for far cheaper than you can back home. 

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