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A Day Trip to Remember: The Magic of Leisure Island at Ile aux Cerfs

November 20 2017

A Day Trip to Remember: The Magic of Leisure Island at Ile aux Cerfs

The gorgeous emerald island of Mauritius rises majestically out of breathtaking cerulean waters and is one of the most coveted holiday destinations in the world. It’s no real surprise; with its impressive natural beauty, world-renowned golf courses, a  myriad of adventurous activities to explore (both on land and in the tropical sea), a vibrant culture and exotic culinary scene, it’s quite literally an intrepid traveller’s dream destination. 

Amongst all the remarkable tourist attractions of Mauritius, one particularly special place stands out; “the island’s island” just off of the east coast of Mauritius—Ile aux Cerfs. Famed for its exquisite 18-hole par 72 championship golf course designed by the esteemed Bernhard Langer this tropical oasis offers so much more than immaculate greens, a phenomenal golf academy and a stellar Pro Shop on one of the most unique golf courses in the world at its Leisure Island. The phenomenal lle aux Cerfs Leisure Island is the perfect destination for a sensational day trip, here’s why:

It has an interesting history

Ile aux Cerfs translates into English as the “Island of the Deer”, a name given to the tropical idyll due to the fact that it once served as roaming grounds for deer imported from Java that were brought to Mauritius for hunting. Deers are no longer found on the island—instead, it has been transformed into an isle of world-class golfing, relaxation and simple pleasures where holidaymakers can enjoy blissful hours in the gorgeous Mauritian sun. 

You can choose how you would like to arrive

A wonderful thing about Ile aux Cerfs is that it’s a mere 20 minutes from mainland Mauritius, making it a hugely accessible day trip destination, especially if you are already saying along the east coast of the island. But there’s no perfect way to get to the Ile aux Cerfs itself; the choice is all yours. If you stay at one of the four marvellous Sun Resorts, you are afforded a complimentary boat shuttle transfer from Pointe Maurice to Ile aux Cerfs Masala Jetty, which operates from 09:30 to 18:00 every day, with the shuttle leaving from Pointe Maurice every 30 minutes. 

However, you can also opt to arrive by a “taxi boat”, plan a day trip with a company that will take you to the island via speedboat or catamaran (these are usually part of a day trip package which also includes a few activities and lunch) or if you really want to arrive in style, you can do so by helicopter (the helicopter pad is located close to the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club).

There’s an abundance of activities


Ile aux cerfs activities


The Ile aux Cerfs Leisure island is the perfect day trip destination for adventurous travellers looking to make the most of the tropical climate and gorgeous crystalline waters. While swimming and snorkelling in the lagoon is an absolute must, there is also a huge array of both land- and water-based activities on offer; from speedboat rides, water skiing, banana boat rides and parasailing in the exquisite turquoise lagoon to Acrobranch and ziplining at the Adventure Park. The Adventure Park welcomes both kids (above the age of 4) and adults, with varying levels of difficulty available based on the age of the visitor. If you are looking for an active day in the sun, the Ile aux Cerfs Leisure Island is definitely the place to be. 

The beaches are absolutely breathtaking

For those who are looking to kick back and relax, the soft ivory sands of  the gorgeous pristine beaches at Ile aux Cerfs are exceptionally inviting and make for the perfect place to get in a solid dose of vitamin D. Place your towel right on the beach or pay a nominal fee for a beach lounger and spend your day taking in the view, lapping up the rays of the sun and delving into your favourite book while enjoying a refreshing cocktail that can be brought to you as you relax in the sun—at Ile aux Cerfs, you have the luxury of being able to enjoy island-living at its absolute best. And if you want to get away from any crowds, all you have to do is hop over the shallow lagoon at low tide and set yourself up on the beach of Ile aux Cerfs’ small neighbouring island, which is totally deserted. 


Ile aux cerfs beach mauritius


You can experience a Mauritian rum tasting at Sands Bar

Sugar has played an important role in Mauritius and the Mauritian economy for centuries, primarily as an export product. Today, the uses for sugar cane and its by-products are virtually endless, from to carbon dioxide created in the sugar-making process which is then used for fizzy drinks to Mauritian rum, which is traditionally infused with tropical flavours such as lemongrass, lichi and vanilla. If you enjoy a rum-based cocktail, then having a rum tasting for a nominal fee at Sands Bar is an absolute must, where you can then select your favourite flavour and allow the expert barmen to tailor-make you a delicious tropical rum cocktail.

There are exceptional dining options

Sumptuous fresh seafood, authentic Mauritian delicacies, gorgeous crispy pizzas and hearty curries—there are ample choices for delectable dishes at Ile aux Cerfs Leisure island. Each of the island’s three restaurants has a comprehensive menu that caters to varying preferences and palates. Here are the options:

Sands Grill is the perfect place for barefoot island dining, with menu items that include delicious local fish—cooked to perfection and according to your choice of grilled, fried or steamed. Tasty Mauritian delicacies are also offered along with wood-fired pizzas. The thatched open restaurant has a relaxed ambience and is conveniently close to the beach, boasting incredible views of the azure lagoon.

Sands Bar is known for their phenomenal pizzas, with the extensive pizza menu offering everything from classic Italian favourites to novel and inventive creations. Pair your fresh pizza with your favourite tropical cocktail and enjoy your lunch on the beach in the most gorgeous (and laid-back) setting.


Ile aux cerfs restaurants


La Chaumière Masala Restaurant is a unique offering the likes of which you probably won’t find again or at least anytime soon. Set amongst tropical trees, it’s made up of a network of thatched gazebos that are perched on stilts or built on the hillside of Ile aux Cerfs, each gazebo offering gorgeous sea views. This novel restaurant serves up delicious and aromatic dishes inspired by India, Mauritius and Asia, where the traditional cuisines of these countries have been artfully reinvented by the head chef at La Chaumière Masala Restaurant. Exotic, fragrant classics and exciting fusions are expertly created to delight discerning guests in a magical setting—a meal here is sure to be an unforgettable experience. 

Memorable private functions can be arranged

The only thing that could possibly rival a sensational day spent on Ile aux Cerfs is a phenomenal private themed evening function in an incredible setting paired with world-class food and complimented by excellent drinks. Ile aux Cerfs is available for private and corporate functions which are sure to be as memorable as they are remarkable.

If a day trip to the dazzling Leisure Island on Ile aux Cerfs sounds like something you can’t miss, then consider a stay at one of our luxury Sun Resorts, each hotel offering a unique getaway. From old-world elegance at the plantation-style Sugar Beach and the active island lifestyle of Long Beach to the exquisite adults-only Ambre and the authentic Mauritian feel of La Pirogue—whatever your preference, we are sure to have the perfect hotel for your dream holiday.


Spend a magical day on Ile aux Cerfs 

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