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Vishal Panchoo Ayurvedic Specialist at Long Beach's Cinq Mondes Spa'

March 15 2019

The majestic five-star Long Beach hotel is the ultimate location for a sensational holiday in paradise for discerning jet setters who enjoy equal measures of relaxation and adventure. Stylish and modern, Long Beach offers guests an abundance of luxury comforts and novel experiences that range from painting and cocktail classes and exceptional tasting menus created by top chefs to VIP beach experiences and signature treats. 

There is also no shortage of world-class facilities, variety of sporting activities and host of sublime dining outlets to satiate any cravings guests may have and the unbelievable high-end spa, the Cinq Mondes Spa and Wellness Retreat, located in a secluded part of the property, is the perfect place for guests to indulge in some well-deserved pampering. 

The Cinq Mondes Spa and Wellness Retreat, as the name implies, is not simply a gorgeous spa; it’s a serene haven, surrounded by lush jungle-like gardens and calming water features created to help calm and revitalize mind, body and soul. With a holistic approach to restoration, relaxation and healing, guests can indulge in an array of extraordinary treatments (inspired by healing traditions and beauty rituals from around the world) or a series of classes at this novel spa, including yoga and Qi Gong, which take place on the private spa pavilion that boasts exceptional views of the spa’s tropical surrounds and pond. 


Cinq Mondes Spa

Those looking to kick start their health and wellness journey can now also book a treatment with Vishal Panchoo, the incredible Ayurvedic Specialist at Long Beach’s Cinq Mondes Spa. 

If this is something you (or a loved one) might be interested in, here’s what you need to know about Vishal Panchoo and his field of expertise.

He has over 20 years of experience in the industry

Vishal Panchoo is a man of many talents; first and foremost, he is an Ayurvedic Specialist, but it doesn’t stop there, he’s also a Naturopath and Trigger Specialist - you can trust that you are in very good hands with Vishal. He has a wealth of experience in Ayurveda (which centres on overall health and the balance of mind, body and spirit) - in fact, this year marks his 22nd year in the field, an incredible accomplishment. 

After having received his Diploma in Ayurvedic from India, Vishal was drawn to the hotel scene, where he wasted no time in getting a job with an exceptional hotel chain, Apavou. After spending three years at Apavou, he moved on to the Veranda Hotel (where he was in charge of the training) for ten years and later worked at the Maritim (where he launched Ayurvedic treatments at the hotel) for a year and a half, before joining the Long Beach team. 

Pursuing a career in Ayuderva was a natural choice for him

Vishal Panchoo didn’t have to think too hard about which path he wanted to pursue as a career; Ayuderva runs in his family, where both his father and grandfather were specialists in the field. He was inspired by them to continue the tradition, and it was his grandfather who started training him from the tender age of 7. It was through him that Vishal first learned the traditional Indian style of massage and ignited a passion he still enjoys today.

Ayurvedic vs. Ayurveda 

People often wonder about the difference between ‘Ayurvedic’ and ‘Ayurveda’. The reality is that they are two parts of the same practice. 

‘Ayurvedic’ is about cleansing the mind and body. As part of the Ayurvedic practice, it’s vital to have a consultation with the guest, to gain insight into their history (if they have suffered from any illness or accident in the past), observe their body posture and take note of any other relevant information, in order for the specialist to get a holistic view of the guest’s health. That way, any Ayurvedic treatment can be tailored to address each guest’s specific body, health challenges and concerns. 

‘Ayurveda’ is the treatment itself. It’s all about relaxation, special massage techniques and the use of traditional products (such as sesame oil). 

There are a number of Ayudervic treatments to choose from at Long Beach

Vishal offers a number of healing Ayudervic treatments and massages to choose from. This list includes: 

The Tonifying Massage: This incredible massage is inspired by ancient Indian massage techniques and traditions and fuses the use of hot oil and a select combination of invigorating strokes. Perfect for tense muscles, it provides a great way to relax, leaves skin smooth and soft and encourages a good night’s sleep. 

The Abhyanga Massage: This massage focuses on rebalancing the seven energy centres of the body and helps to tone it as well. Warm oils are used liberally to relax joints, encourage circulation and improve moods. 

The Shirodhara Treatment: One of the most extraordinary treatments, and one that was historically reserved for Maharajahs, this incredible form of Ayurveda involves the slow pouring of liquid (typically warm oil) onto the guest’s forehead in a steady stream. It’s said to have a profound effect on the nervous system. This deeply calming and healing treatment helps to wash away stress, detoxify the body and is said to help cleanse the mind. 

Indian Reflexology: A wonderfully beneficial treatment, Indian reflexology involves the use of small bowls (made with five different metals) to massage specific reflex points of the soles of the feet which are linked to different organs in the body. It helps to promote energy circulation, stimulates the metabolism and drains toxins. 

There are many benefits of having an Ayurvedic treatment with Vishal

Vishal’s aim as an Ayurvedic Specialist is to ensure that people are more conscious about their health and how they can address any concerns they have and to get them feeling their best. Through the consultation and treatment process, guests are made to feel relaxed. Vishal works through any knots guests may have and helps them to let stress fade away to ensure both body and mind can be at ease. 


Cinq Mondes Spa

But it doesn’t just end at a great massage or treatment, Vishal advises guests on how to handle pain and fatigue, what to do when they feel pain in their bodies and how to avoid these pains. He often shows guests what exercises they can practice daily to help them remain pain-free and keep them fit without needing to go to the gym. He can also give advice on the right eating habits for them—holistic healing is at the centre of this practice.

Vishal wants people to understand that it’s vital we take better care of our bodies

These days, in this highly competitive world, people are constantly on the go and instead of being focused on health and happiness, we are far more focused on work. We work really hard, barely sleep, don’t eat the amount and the types of food we should and exercise far less than is healthy. We treat our bodies as machines. As a result, we find ourselves stressed and totally exhausted. This can lead to immeasurable, and oftentimes, serious health complications. 

This is why Vishal advises people to not only focus on money but o find time to relax, to detox, and to de-stress. He also feels that it’s important to tackle body pains as soon as possible and not let them get worse. He recommends that we all get a full body massage at least once a month and believes that it’s crucial to reward our bodies for the hard work they do. 

The main objective of Vishal’s treatments is to raise health consciousness

For Vishal, and other Ayurvedic Specialists, it’s vital that people walk away after treatments with a better understanding of their health and bodies. It’s crucial that people realise their bodies are important—that we are not machines and our bodies need care and relaxation. Not only should we reward our bodies for their hard work, but we must ensure that we eat the right food and at the right times to ensure our health, relaxation and happiness. 


Cinq Mondes Spa

If you are in need of some much-needed relaxation and restoration, then a trip to Mauritius might just be “what the doctor ordered”. Between a tranquil island holiday at Long Beach with all of life’s comforts ready at the waiting, a serious dose of vitamin C (thanks to the wonderful year-round weather) and a treatment (or two) booked with Vishal Panchoo, you are sure to not only feel, but look, your absolute best. Does that resonate with you? Then book your stay at the gorgeous five-star Long Beach for your next holiday. 

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