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Wellness Juice Bar Long Beach

March 26 2019

There’s something magical about the east coast of Mauritius; jagged and dramatic, it’s known as the wild coast of Mauritius, where lagoons teem with brightly coloured fish and corals, secluded powder-fine beaches abound and water sports enthusiasts - especially wind and kitesurfers - gravitate. Less developed than other parts of the island, the east coast of Mauritius is the place for nature lovers longing to connect with the gorgeous natural surrounds the destination has become famous for. 

Along this sensational sunrise coast lies the majestic and ever-stylish Long Beach resort, with outstanding luxury rooms, enveloped by brilliant tropical gardens, ample dining outlets and signature offerings all punctuated by modern architectural elements and state-of-the-art facilities, it’s the very essence of luxury, five-star island living. 

Long Beach has been created for very special types of guests; those who enjoy the finer things in life, who seek both opportunities for activity and languid indulgence and those who value novel experiences and offerings. With exceptional guest experiences at its core, Long Beach delivers on all these levels and goes above and beyond to introduce unique experiences so their guests can enjoy unforgettable holidays and so Long Beach can differentiate itself from any other hotel on the island. 

It’s this constant desire to innovate that has led Long Beach to allow guests access to everything from art classes and guided walks along endemic trails to exceptional golf experiences as well as their latest offering; the Wrap and Juice Bar at Long Beach.

Here’s what you need to know about this new concept:

Long Beach understands the needs of its guests

The type of resort for active families and couples, Long Beach understands that apart from wanting to find the balance between their normal exercise regimes, learning new skills or trying new classes and relaxing in the sunshine, many guests want to stick to their healthy eating habits while on holiday as well. This is why Long Beach introduced the Wellness Juice Bar - for that much-needed health kick to enhance an active holiday in paradise. 

The bar is perfectly located

Wrap and Juice Bar

Most guests who head to Long Beach want to enjoy its beautiful, white-sand beach that seems to unfurl as far as the eye can see, and equally long to stay on the beach for as much of the day as possible. Those not wanting to veer too far from their sun lounger will be delighted to hear that the Wrap and Juice Bar at Long Beach is perfectly situated right on the beach, near the pool and practically in the centre of this extraordinary resort. At the Wrap and Juice Bar guests have the fabulous option to relish light, healthy meals or drinks while still being able to make the most of the wonderful Mauritian weather and fabled Long Beach shore.

Tailor-made is the order of the day


Long Beach’s primary concern is to ensure that their guests have a sensational and memorable holiday in Mauritius - which is why no ask is too great or small. It’s also why both the wraps and the juices at the Wellness Juice Bar at Long Beach are fully customisable. Because each wrap and juice is tailor-made right in front of guests, you can rest assured items are all fresh and according to your taste and dietary preferences. 

There is a multitude of options 

Wrap and Juice Bar

One thing is for sure, at the Wellness Juice Bar there’s no shortage of choice - you can have pretty much any combination of ingredients, of which, only the finest and freshest are used. Enjoy freshly squeezed tropical juices that are expertly prepared and presented, create a unique wrap by choosing from the wide array of wraps, proteins, grilled vegetables and sauces and indulge in delicious, satisfying and healthy snacks, meals and juices along the incredible east coast of Mauritius. 

Those with a sweet tooth - you are on holiday after all - can also choose from the selection of sweet wraps with mouthwatering fillings that range from Nutella and whipped cream to moreish caramel—whatever you desire when it comes to freshly made wraps and phenomenal juices, the Wrap and Juice Bar at Long Beach can deliver!

Does Long Beach sound like the perfect backdrop for your unforgettable holiday on this island paradise? Then book your stay and enjoy all the unprecedented offerings for yourself. 

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