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Shopping Malls in Mauritius

January 16 2019

Finding a quality garment in your home country that has been made in Mauritius is probably not uncommon. The gorgeous tropical destination, known for its sublime and unique surrounds, is also a textile and shopping haven, where discerning shoppers are sure to find some stellar buys of every kind. From unusual, high-end jewellery and extraordinary quality textiles to handcrafted local souvenirs and delicious treats, there’s something here for everyone. 
While a stop at the local markets and extraordinary local factories are an absolute must, if you are really eager for a wonderful shipping experience in Mauritius, there is a huge array of shopping malls on the island, catered to provide a streamlined experience for all of your shopping needs. 
Whether you are shopping for some special gifts for your friends and family back home, are looking for gorgeous, well-priced textiles and local products or would simply like to enjoy the experience afforded to you at the world-class shopping malls in Mauritius, here are some of the most famous shopping malls on the island (as a note, many of them offer tax-free shopping or shops that allow you to receive your tax back at the airport!): 
Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius



Arguably the most famous shopping mall in Mauritius is Bagatelle Mall—deemed the “leading shopping and retail destination in Mauritius”. Situated close to the capital city of Port Louis, and open 7 days a week, this mall boasts 155 shops, allowing shoppers to indulge in an impressive variety of local and international stores—from leisure to luxury—as well as entertainment and culinary options to satiate every craving (including the need for WiFi which is widely available here). This impressive mall is a fabulous place to head for a comprehensive shopping experience in Mauritius, where you can snag amazing deals, window shop, watch a movie, indulge in a delicious coffee or grab a bite to eat!
Grand Baie La Croisette 


Grand Baie la Croisette

Another famous shopping mall in Mauritius, La Croisette is situated in bustling Grand Baie. This beautiful mall has a wide range of stores (110 to be exact) and offers shoppers, both local and foreign, a sensational backdrop to their shopping spree. From world-class fashion labels, high-end supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants, cafes and more, you are bound to find what your heart desires any day of the week at this fabulous mall, known as one of the biggest in the north of Mauritius. WiFi is also available here. 
Grand Bay Store 

Boasting a stunning location in front of one of the best beaches in Mauritius is the famous shopping mall, Grand Bay Store. This unique shopping centre has it all; from a hair salon and Chinese heritage museum (we highly recommend seeing this and taking a guided tour to better understand the Chinese influence in Mauritius) to an art gallery and shops for every member of the family, it’s a great shopping mall in Mauritius. 
Grand Baie Coeur De Ville

Given the popularity of this extraordinary area in Mauritius, it’s probably no surprise that this is the third mall in Grand Bay (or Grand Baie) on the list. Much like the vibrant area itself, this mall has much to offer. A short walk from the beach, it has a fabulous hypermarket, Super U, where locals and tourists alike are sure to find anything they need, 70 stores which range in offerings, a bowling club, a casino and loads of places to eat—you are sure to have a great time at this excellent mall. 

Le Caudan Waterfront

Caudan Waterfront

Located in the capital city of Port Louis, Le Caudan Waterfront is the one of the most famous shopping malls in Mauritius for those who enjoy shopping by the sea. Here you can make the most of the gorgeous harbour, enjoy a drink along the water’s edge, admire skilled local artists as they create their masterpieces in full view, enjoy a movie, treat yourself to one of the many restaurants in the area or try your hand at the casino—it’s a superbly popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Inside the mall, there is a stamp museum, the Craft Market with wonderful local crafts and a plethora of shops (170 of them!) that sell everything from Indian garments, books and handmade replica ships to local art and jewellery—it’s a must-visit shopping mall in Mauritius and is only closed on Sundays. 
Cascavelle Mall

Situated in the west of the island, near Flic-en-Flac, the Cascavelle Mall offers shoppers a phenomenal shopping experience located a stone’s throw from the scintillating Indian Ocean. The island-inspired architecture provides a relaxing atmosphere and some 50 shops to choose from. From wonderful local and international shops and a food court to children’s facilities, this mall, open seven days a week, is one for the whole family. 
Pheonix Mall

Situated in Quatre Bornes, this is a perfect shopping mall in Mauritius for the whole family. Open seven days a week, it sports a huge selection of stores as well as food outlets. With 70 shops, ample restaurants and cafes, free WiFi, ATMs and more, you can be sure to find everything you need at this mall in Mauritius. 
Ruisseau Creole 
Another of the famous shopping malls in Mauritius that enjoys an incredible location is the Ruisseau Creole, which has been built right at the foot of the undulating mountain range in the Riviere Noire area along the island’s west coast. This elegant mall provides a tranquil shopping haven for those who are looking for world-renowned brands and local boutiques as well as an array of local and international culinary delights. You can also find WiFi here, ATMs and wonderful cafes. 

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