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The perfect beachside holiday is always accompanied by the most delicious and exotic cocktails. Indulge in some of our incredible signature drinks, expertly developed by our master mixologists and crafted with the finest blend of tropical ingredients. Watch in awe as our barmen artfully create each drink made to perfection to delight our guests.

Expertly crafted blends

Discover the intricate art of cocktail mixology at any of our remarkable bars by selecting one of our delectable signature cocktails from our innovative drinks menu. Be mesmerised by the skills of our barmen, and savour the unique combinations of flavours in your beautifully crafted drinks. You can also learn how to create interesting concoctions yourself during our weekly cocktail masterclass, where you can learn what you need to know to mix your favourite tropical ingredients into a glorious cocktail to remember—one that you can recreate to impress your friends when you get back home.