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At Long Beach Golf and Spa Resort we celebrate two of natureโ€™s most important moments in unique ways, to ensure our guests have timeless memories illuminated by the multi-coloured hues of sunrise and sunset. Watch the sun emerge from the horizon with our morning fitness classes or celebrate dusk with our incredible rituals and nighttime entertainment.

Celebrate Natureโ€™s Spectacular Moments Every Day

Honour sunrise and sunset with wonderful experiences to create beautiful moments and timeless memories. Begin the day with our sunrise activities by watching the awe-inspiring spectacle from the water during a kayak session, partake in a calming beachside yoga or Qi Gong class, or see in the new dawn by joining us on our exclusive trail walk, discovering some incredible endemic plants as you go. To celebrate dusk, join us with our sunset torch ritual and relish the exquisitely warm evenings at our outdoor cinema or with a lobster dinner under the stars, the night sky explained by our astronomer.